Tuesday, February 28, 2012



L. Edgar Otto

The rain only exists because the flowers drink it -
in the meta-continuum

Where the moon only comes around in phase
not there until my third eye sees it

So too something seeded this world's ground
where life in black and white casts songs to the wind

Hopeful hatching spiders fly on their strands in Diaspora
so many fall far out into the sea, youth seeking a place

Their siren song, as the light drawing, guiding night moths
the myth that all things are connected together

The motion, purpose of such life taking flight finds one soul again
only when all things are not connected

I exist only because you will drink of me and yet
our boiling passion cools long before we've met...

* * * *

Somewhere the color rains candy and the horror to my eyes,
the limited rainbows, or sparkling metals and living furs

I grow numb to its flood of saturation, distant god's-eye shifting red,
longing for the higher hues to see you

Magenta only found when the ends make a full circle
cyan in the middle that did not match my crayon box

The color of invisibility as our layers strive to merge or
when thru the muddiness, we imperfect hues, mauve's flicker

You dye your hair in the iridescent angstroms, love's earthly signal,
I shame myself in having to respond

Our atoms won't endure shallow plastic bonds, nor breathe
too ceramic and unexplained in contained luminescence

Pearlescent is the bond, expanding specks of white on gold,
metallic and magnetic glow grows, yet keeps us distant

* * * *

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