Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Quasic Intelligibility

Quasic Intelligibility

L. Edgar Otto 02-22-12

The mind needs not be imperceptible to itself on its own level for it does not separate itself as if from a distance so make a distinction of similarity that has divided itself. This is more a grounding of the logic of things indifferently in the universe and that grounds numbers and space.

At a distance then we can make these distinctions with in a sense is invisible to self-perception. While in what seems isolation in a quasic field, that does not reach the intensity of broader horizons in which the mind connects to others and in this promiscuous orbit of higher generalization finds a design of wider architecture for the soul.

The intelligibility of number and design can in a sense be for all practical purposes and innocuous fancy's be contiguous or intimate with the idea that it is an aware, intelligent design. But the proof of this, if we accept any balanced logic or properties of numbers as grounding physics, close to the design which at first seems an overly rich idea of particle generations is the surprising necessity so distinguished and discerned in a non-necessary universe.

But logic, or even numbers at a perceptive distance, or from them of some unknown faculty sentient or not but a possible living thing at least, is not to be confused with the level of the faculty of mind, nor proofs by incompleteness and inconsistencies when logic appears invisible, a dead and neutral thing. A state of mind that asks for connections but is shy to reach for them and see them for what they are. A state of mind that cannot use efficiency with compassion and meaning even for themselves.

In the study of space and time, and the particles of whatever balance of mirrors on some level, in the reality we need room and direction to move, and no resistance by that outside our selves by the mind of others or the mindless logic of the game. We need the vacuum alive or still more than we need dust and space and time.

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