Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lampion G : Hidden Being, Hidden Instructions

Lampion G : Hidden Being, Hidden Instructions

L. Edgar Otto 28 February, 2012

The difference between knowing and knowing that there is something one does not know is how we relate in our creative science or philosophy aware of the state of our comprehension of cognitive engagement.

For we can live in a vague world of our given, our being that proceeds as if our doing is the real and our having is the citadel of the human poetic spirit. We express our states of mind in the doing, in the ongoing living in the change of processes.

Here we encounter the paradoxes involved in what is the subjective and objective, the science and the pseudoscience, the real and the illusion of a philosophic stance as substance.

Just as vague is our dwelling in the instructions that are hidden and vaguely seem responsible for our behavior and the question of what in us and of is has responsibility for our actions. To say we have a choice, at least initially, is to promote a system hidden to us in the depths of its applications to our living, an agenda and not necessarily a healthy grounding in where philosophy and science, philosophy and religion diverge from one first thing.

This is also the great question in our time as to what of a group or individual is a given right of being or of living under the laws in covenant to the landscape of our changing times. The matter of privacy in particular, and the matter of virtual property and to what extent this is to the benefit and progress of everyone to enquire and learn the wisdom- one that I take as a right.

If a corporation can be thought of as an individual then how can we buy and sell individuals? How can these be merged into one person? How can they be chained by the state or the nation's interest becomes a slave to them?

This is a question of a hierarchy of covenants and treaties to which the fractal division into subsets, in the case of the invention of corporations allows a certain distance from the responsibility of the individuals go get wealthy distinct from it yet the human guiding of its overt engagements and functions.

We are in a time when these issues seem to be, in respect to what is the hidden as the instruction (or memes in a consensus resolving conflicts) at the core of those who are on one side or the other of the knowing and not knowing. The artist more interested in the content and creation than in the way the cold logic contains his dreams in the delivery to other humans through a connection in the social media.

I see then the real possibility that we can raise a generation that can treat the objective and technical instructions as that most real and as a form of work that makes nothing directly in the material world- a crisis that lets this generation face the issue of what is the real grounding for our core being as they can live in what may be a vulnerable and unhealthy swing of the trends of the pendulum in knowledge of our times. But who has the innate right to forgive them for they know not what they do in this interim non-necessary universe?

We cannot say with certainty that does not shake at its foundations nor is guaranteed by the numbers of the heard, the masses or the computation of likeliness of events, that
statements once profound and loved by radio engineers making sense in their time and state of know how and predictability and promise, as old jokes no longer understood as humorous, like "The man who knows how will get a job, but the man who knows why will be his boss."

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Update, Technology: Sooner or later as we make more breakthroughs on the nano scale in the explorations into a deeper symmetry and philosophy of quantum effects and computation it will dawn on us that these effects as discussed on the blogger here, that these are not just simulations or analogies but indication all along of the new physics view insofar as theory goes and as I have tried to point out all along.

This blogger's post is timely and relevant also.

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