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Double Factorials & Non-standard Space Modeling

Double Factorials & Non-standard Space Modeling

L. Edgar Otto
Feb. 17, 2012

When Academia Works like It Should It Works Well

A unified theory, like a higher level organism, is at war with the infinitesimal. It very coherence as a unified being is at risk and in an intelligible Euclidean grounding, a abstract flatland, the first to feel the influence of these general quasi-finite and non-necessary principles is that of the meaning of extent and measure. The greater part of what is tentatively defined as mass or gravity models as with any inertia at some common grounding is not subject to commensurate measures as if the totality itself is lost in distorted fun-house mirrors.

On this we imagine, as best we can, these influences for our world those in such parallel mirrors but the multiplicity of things itself and not the great return to models from the nothingness, that which seems to be erase "faery field concepts on the quantum level at least in the abstract understanding. I do not mean to appear viewing the world, like Godel, like Penrose, as the mathematics having a reality of its own. That and similar ideas remain for me quasifinite. This is of course the same sort of idea as the quasinfitesimal.

I would ask of my esteemed astronomer blogger friend, if we could see the Earth from the distance since the "Big Bang" that if we reached deep into the general sea of variations on the WMAP what would we so appear on that map? How would we measure from our standpoint the background temperature?

I see that Newton's manuscripts were prolific and as hard to read in the raw as my own. I see the great astrologer wrote volumes on the Bible code and presented his own apocalyptic visions. (There is a link to his work on line that came from posts of other bloggers I occasionally visit). Now, some respected scientists in the past have said that the personality of those who have the passion, maybe not as deep as Sir Issac, has nothing to do with the work and its results. To me this is still an open question, then again a poet does find these things dramatic after all. The rest, well seeking escape from their mortal bodies may indeed view this as a property of the machines they envy, but not just the machines- the city lights of the internet that draws us like moths to blindness and likely doom- the sun for them is not in the right center, not on the evil axes of a stable universe.

If I continue to be amazed, not knowing the depth of the wisdom or of my private and passionate explorations that when I do find they are on the frontier, albeit in different terms, and even beyond the frontier in some parts- I am more so amazed at the bricks in the wall and the swirls in the sea of so many of us who dedicate or fall into such work, in the main when academia works it works well, otherwise it is subject to the paradoxes of any organism which has no deeper depth of what is history- rather these same paradoxes that such a general concept entails. How valuable is life that we have so many trying to work in the field all as showcase products of the education industry who must decide who will fit in or not for some position that keeps the engine running smoothly? How can there be so many Newton's or worse those who are or think they are Newton's and are wasted in the cracks of a naturally incoherent society?

Perhaps my amazement on this equal to the how of the task despite the world and circumstances resulting in just as good a thought, and even humanistic thoughts that do arise from commerce and the masses traditionally, is this to is a paradox of our ignorance of he paradoxes of the quasi-finite by which we share such amazement. But we are not just bricks in the wall, we are more like twigs- from branches on the trunk of the calculus while reading and reckoning enough to get by at the roots only few can have the opportunity to find the fruit in the canopy. Students, organized with their schools trading of them independent of the prestige of governments where money is the new desire, consumers and then consumers wanting more or more than the next guy settling for less, organization that strives to grow and take over all things while the Devil is in the details- not bricks, just twigs. The hot and cold spots of this view of the world does not change rapidly and sets a lot of future design as if it can be a unity without limiting our true vision of the cosmos as it seems once a see of fuzzy probabilities.

But twig grow, each from its bud, Fibonacci... each finds its proper path and place and with in the growing whole that the tree does not collapse under its own weight of double explosion in a chain reaction of some transfer of energy in the form nature does.

I find it quite strange that we can compute volumes of n-dimensional spheres with double factorials. Somewhere in the remote breakdown of equations the continuous and and the discrete meet. Talk about round pegs in square hole logic. There is still something fuzzy there I intuitively and it elementary I still need to see in the the fuzzy universe of physicality or these abstract quasic reasoning's.

Newton had his cold war supporters against Leibniz in the prestige between England and France. History goes into he romance of a haunted cemetery to unearth the best of their ideas of which the new generation begins at the end of genius of the old one- if there is in a sense a general expanding of progress. In our day there is no meaningful drive to out do some other group by prestige or now unprofitable war so there is only the pale fading clone of such a war with no one believing that there is a noble purpose or caring if the response is not one of balance but of never let one's opponent get up again. Free Will cannot be understood in depth from the existential view of defining it as a baseball game. Philosophically it does not matter who wins or loses in the loaded dice of this universe. The universe of diplomacy prides itself it is not the first to make the conflict so it seems moral, but given long enough engaging the enemy there are diminishing returns as it learns your methods and over history the learning of it has spread to everyone.

Free will was our random walk these last few days in our journalism hoping for opportunity and respect for the sacrifice and mission, for the seats of learning. A blog that as with other breakthroughs in media and mathematics for the masses did not live up to its expected results- like math a lot of good things were found along the way even if he goal eludes us. But what is freer than the will to bring into this world depth and new enquirey... one can build any false system, fail stars, failed universes. In that process, mere bloggers, mystics, in principle not of the highest level of the journals and all the charlatans that are there with a scam of soul and wealth eating explanations marginalized into some other system because that is in a sense taking care of them so our learned institutions have no moral responsibility beyond there arbitrary social agendas.

Do we not see the science suffers as well the faith? Is a PhD done the old fashioned way as contributing original and fundamental theory merely a measure, which is also is, of the strength of a nation? Is technology so inherently evil that we do not see for the good of the whole research is forbidden us? Are we to make war not soul to soul but at a distance, and more a very long distance via our gaming machines, and that allows for morality at a distance and collateral damage excused.

Science gives us some certainty, poetry the emotion of drama as the spice of uncertainty. But these are secondary things in our mental development in which we become aware of ourselves and things when we eventually make new science and technology to which compared to our recent past will seem like we command the lightning of Zeus, create worlds as if a God. O Ye of little faith!! What can be freer than that?

We can argue about the mirrors in the depths and try to encompass it in our same primitive, nay, poetic metaphors, but that is what is not science in its utility- a confusion of dreams in a sea between the real and unreal upon our awakening- or we can climb out of the ocean and shake off our debris and water and walk tall upon this earth. For we heed also that which is determined or seems so like Newton or Descartes our mission even with the opposite results is from the thoughts of God. That is the filled vacuum of the other side of darkness. That is the worry for an eternity of our past before we existed and which we do not probe to see in a world where on some level time has no direction.

But to be a scientist is to face the darkness and careful but sober not to be afraid or fall for superstitions, but stand alone and unafraid. We have the power if we desire it to make this universe not an indifferent one, here or perhaps in the

* * * * *

[Footnote for yesterday: By covalent I also meant the bonds between the paired bases as well the general geometry which is quasic. If we accept this then clearly the idea of a primitive 16 base code and a 256 possible code for considerations, even if scientific discoveries do not always come in successive order of complexity but can later be put into such levels of wisdom in the disciplines, things are less controversial even if they do not exhibit the 'do first' causative paradigm. Such is the deeper and integrated but relaxed theory all to obvious in ideas on evolution.]

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