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L. Edgar Otto

The fine distinction between everlasting and eternal in philosophy, a concept with all the paradoxes of time, has to further be distinguished with consideration of super-symmetry. I exercise my poetic nature to find some word as an abstract metaphor of the idea. Space and time can be seen as distinct relative to space structure for example when one crosses the event horizons. I choose "wheneverness" for this moving arrow and cone of time to which whatever cause is there is grounded. I see in the word neverness as these are questions of existence.

For the emphasis on space I choose "whateverness" for structure as well some concept of the force of a moving vacuum as a deterministic or intrinsic arrow due to the inversion in the center of convex polyhedra presenting the same positive direction on a deeper foundational principle that underlies how we view chirality.

The letters LCH ALM (all 30 in maroon and black) where we assume a surface spiral and anti-spiral of faces with the five colors represent the colloquial name for two of the six colors. Thus all appear on the icosahedral surface despite the inversion to one colour in the centre in which case the letters would be EILNO which are the bicolours containing violet. This is the basis of the Conway matrix but he uses a different notation. I conceived of this as a game where little cubes could sit on a higher compound semi-regular polyhedron (which of course is only loosely constructable or a near polyhedron - but as in my marshmallow and toothpick structures the same sort of tensegrity principles apply- at some level Linus Pauling's attempt to make a dodecahedron of carbon is loosely possible whereas the buckyball and geodesic domes when crystallized from a center do not build as if constantly spherical structures. The tetrahedral angle and the corner of a pentagon are close by 1 and a 1/2 degree.

I did build such a structure but unlike some of the others it would not stay together as if to fight the overall tensegrity. That is Fuller's insight on what he calls 4D.

There are many ways to view what is going on in this matching of pentagons of which Conway provided three solutions. I have one based on the Icosahedral group but there is the pentagram arrangement also to consider if we regard rigid rotations of the dodecahedron.

We can see the central point as doubled which is the case for odd dimensions. So of the points we have twenty plus one or two or even three, enter then our concepts that relate these 36 cubes as 27 objects and so on... beyond 24 comes the 25th which is the stop or initiator and the virtual sixth quark akin to the idea of a Higgs like structure - these go beyond the five fold symmetry involved (and will not by the way undermine what is relevant on the quantum electrodynamic level nor much of what occurs in chromodynamics.)

Recall that just as some do not count themselves in a group cyclically this is the case in the two dimensional count of the quasic plane, even in computer programming.

In a sense the arrow of space here suggested on many levels including generational is itself mass or that place where mass meets the idea of gravity. The six other particles, all on the abstract sphere, are all the same color of faces wherein all are neutral into themselves and no one technically different as a zero or one beginning of quasic counting as in the idea of gluon color. These are holographic in the span.

The internal color, in this case violet, can be counted then as 7 as in the Fano plane. And so on... to all the properties of structure and pattern and counting.

I am working on an idea still not clear that would formalize this which will involve the excesses as if time like dimensions in relation to the pixel counting patterns and Fibonacci numbers. After all q= q+1 in this philosophical question of similarity. Even in the case where 1 and 1 results in 1 and 0 and 0 results in 0... but not necessarily so with potential infinity. I note in these non-logical equations that when the number is even as the sum of squares as a surreal factor it in a sense reduces to zero or unity.

The fact that we can read things absolutely in reverse or complimentary directions suggests that in the reading of the genetic code as biochemical pathways, also in the reading itself, there is a certain asymmetry and natural structural suppression for awhile in the complexity, the rare quantum tunneling here grounded as a possibility, after all we can eventually break down the dodecahedral into cubes or tetrahedral by the five fold division although nature does not tend to default to the center of inversions in the super-symmetrical depth.

When a creative structure exists concretely amoung other structures it can conceivably execute a force from that center but it is a reversal to an improbable direction- clearly such tunneling can be the ground for collapsing and he number and energy differences we observe in the vast difference of mass and energy upon the expansion into wider space from a center.

This suggests a super-form of higher mass which some already speculate has something to do with the dark matter, it too a state of higher uncertainty and further generalization of physical laws.

The creative collapsing of these "wormholes" presumably with the multi time directional difference effects that collapses them or creates from them over some recursive or infinite regress of bounds could exhibit a force or time like influence of the Whateverness of raw general space structure as a way to reconstitute the broken paths of nature just as biological organism are vaguely in that they are machines, self replicating and self repairing ones.

Although it is a useful step Rowland's exploration of the nilpotent idea is not sufficient to make sense of the current issues that we encounter in the search for super symmetry- that requires the exploration of the foundations of the foundations of which we have to encounter the theory to know how to investigate the theory. In particular the usual issue of virialty between the kinetic and potential energy should be grounded and face this issue of the whateverness directionality of time like half potential infinity singularities where it seems to flow with the omnium as a total theory into the depths of super-symmetry and super dimensinal space, generationally.

But the gods do not forbid this access and engagement with our future wisdom in the sciences.


I add that the illustration that involves colorful forms of lettering are done with paint programs alone for interesting effects... I have slowly become more aware of what can be done close to the logic from a visual standpoint. For some things I found I could use the geogebra program to draw angles I other wise could not easily compute thanks to a discussion on that program in Kea's comments on her now closed blog. But my projects for this are art things so far and a rapid way to learn without the dampening by either the cloud or the mechanics of the system.

Surely, if I understood it better Pitkanens TGD system has something to add to the deeper theory as do all such intelligible and transcending theories that nevertheless have their detractors. In a total world we do make the bounds of our own world as he said of Lubos, but it is clear in this world that has more zero tolerance in search for the certainty on the right and bankruptcy on the left that if an artist can understand himself or not is a fundamental quasic question of uniqueness and identity and existential for the hell of it appeal only to the strong established in the game.

Carbon being six is all important, but I wonder if it is important enough to see the benefits of investment in it for itself and in itself and not just a tax of false scarcity. As far as Lithium I have come to the opaque influences on atoms evolving from the maximum down in the general form of things.

As far as galatomics, I still cannot make the steps to commit to the influence of small sentient compounding creatures because that is a very difficult theory to prove so far but it comes closer when other things also comes closer in the physics. That unique model was a wide source of new insights that made this world at least for me a wider place, and inspired my first forty pages in a night when we worked to develop the philosophychatforum as members. I miss these virtual friends but all the more so I miss the real ones. That is the state of things and I will have tried and failed from an early age to achieve the goals of my first works of collected poems, the Sphere-dream. This is a tragedy but it may the the general case of our being in this world even if the only world. May our next few generations fare much better as I slowly learn there is a deeper loneliness and solitude to which we face ourselves over as if several lifetimes as old friends.

I have learned a little more discipline in the growth of paying more attention although playing with the images proved more important than if I had done the basic style of programming for it is a useful description of how the systems works and can work.

So I have recreated again what I could not recall last year or do again because it is hard to twist things around and keep the handedness straight when the influences are real and not straightforward in the hidden symmetries.

* * * * *

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