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Desosynthelation (Toward a Journal of Quasic Physics)

Desosynthelation L. Edgar Otto

From "geodesic" and synthesis (a coming together)

One of my oldest words now put toward an idea. I am considering a more formal treatment: The Journal of Quasic Physics not to be confused with the term "quasiphysical ", (a medical term).

Clearly, the parallels between objects as in quasicrystals as a sense of a general space and physics principle,( one by the way I suggested to NC state admissions in the days I thought these powerful and wise people before the tradition of the teaching faculty as well as merit now caries little weight. This bureaucratic veto at first blush mentality seems invariant even in the community colleges which were after all a solution for the overflow into academia by Vietnam era veterans) carries over to n-ality by this array and grid of quasic objects in a certain sense multiple but indistinguishable.

This can also be intelligibly visualized in three space, as an alternative to several speculations on why the universe in the main seems three dimensional. The idea of generations of particles in nature becomes a given and no as if the Deity made some ad hoc addition superfluous to the design of creation.

The general idea of line and point duality carries over to the axiom generalized for higher dimensions and symmetry. Three planes can intersect into a point but the sense of the totality (what I would call flangelation in the condensing and by the way a mechanism of structure that does distinguish fermion and bosons in nature). For over the duality in the four space grid, with an assumed half singularity center, real or virtual, the subspace of the elements that compose a hypercube are the quasically ordered Sudoku matrices, magical or tending to random arrays.

The qasic transparency suggests, that on a certain level of generational symmetry we cannot in the conservation idea of symmetry, even with a wider view of cell color parity probe the depth of the quasic n-fields as if in the twists and turns there is a holographic sense of the structure containing all the momentum and this in that it can merge with other broken symmetric arrays on the same level it can fractally move toward the said structural center on the hierarchy of holographic shell structures that the boundary of such a shell is not a total isolation but a return to a generalized idea of superdupersymmmetry, (SUSUSY).

By the nature of quasicity with consideration of these concepts the idea of the variety and unity found in the universe as well the possibilities where such views can be taken to totality to a logical extreme, the integration and differentiation of body cells as the complexity of organisms as in the physics model, tissue to be viewed quasically, we find both sides of what is digital or analog, finite or continuous a dialectic of reasoning and reality in a quasi-finite universe. These views are not necessarily separate ad hoc additions to physics for justifying exclusion of one view as fantasy, nor for that matter do we need to add mass ad hoc to our physics equations.

What is different in the quasic physics considering entities as distinct yet the same or similar thing, is that they are a small region of a continuous whole connected at a distance with a concept of intervening emptiness from some view. The surfaces of objects remain connected although in the usual intuitive idea of continuity one cannot walk somewhere on the surface of the earth for example and find himself on the surface of the moon thus there is more to translation and rotation as concepts to find in the geometry of the world.

When a tree is cloned from a twig of another tree is it not in some sense the same tree? We can of course argue these concepts as philosophy going a little beyond the strictly scientific sense of things when we imagine such things as "baby universes" or within a multiple ensemble of patterns over some infinity things recur, in particular the idea of multiple copies of oneself or even variations on this in parallel worlds of endless minor changes of what makes the identity to define of such individuals.

If such entities exist there is not good reason to imagine them elsewhere in time or space in a universe of ultimate unity. The poet in me considers this uniqueness question of science and philosophy as the unique most original and of one entity for this question really one of psychology when we are, on whatever level of our learning and endowment, in the state of creative passion as the center of our identity in a multiverse.

In the abstract we may consider this an issue of the finite as a matter of measure and distinction within the continuous along quantum principles and observations to the extent these are unique but not uncertain in the working space, the dark emptiness between entities, wherein the vacuum is filled and things vanish or in aggregation with connections are partially filled as if a set of particles imagined as mirrors. In the process we ask the question of uniqueness in the universe as to what in this ensemble of specters can come back from its grey muddiness, as of created again from the absolute nothingness or from some field of minimum but grounding vibrations beginning with the duality of changes of sign in some level of what constitutes dimensional space. This then the same paradox and debate as to what constitutes the foundation of the physics as to what in the persistence and effort in the universe can stay a rest or change its fundamental states of being.

We can argue that the logic of it all does not hold for the same events over time otherwise when they are the same individual for all other properties and parameters. Or that it somehow does if we these simple ideas of what time is from the usual philosophic perspective as subjective. Some, more radically than explicitly stated by say the quantum theory would deny the uniqueness of any pathways with the rather quasic concept of infinite path sums over finite time (what is meant here by the corpuscular view as the finite?) that ultimately all things are in a sea of randomness and cloudy uncertainty to which any view if in a state possible for measure or within a range of probable physicality as the real that while there is a distinction between the subjective and objective these are lesser concepts than what we expect of a higher unity of the world as quantum and other ideas of the topology if it all in the relativity's. That is to say if ultimately the subjective and objective are one substance neither can be biased as a description for the world as the physics and for that matter the philosophy is greater than that picture and the model for the world is too closed an entity for a comprehensive and unified system.

Some traditions, religious and philosophic, imagine that the death of one individual person or soul is in a sense the vanishing totally of the entirety of what constitutes a universe. Would this be the death also of some ultimate concern, of God as well? Would it be an absolute denial of such a being perhaps grounding some tenable bias in world view that beyond our existing now there is nothingness thus we feel the existing is all the more real? Is such a being multiple and unique in this sense itself as well of what we ask as the structure of the universe? Can we not ask this same question of the idea of vacua, of the nothingness?

In our vaguely intuited ideas of the third physics, of the Quasic Physics, at least from a subjective and philosophic perspective the act of existing, coming into and out of being as or near a uniqueness of existence is not just something done isolated in an autistic like concept or in a jumbled concept or some other psychological forms that may have a physical if not a unique basis but the description, beyond ideas even as "at a distance" to the extent it is described by a unique creative individual is also an expression of that description and enactment of an aggregate of social and collective individuals.

In this sea of singularities of the hidden subjective we can quite imagine that the state of an individual in the fight for the state of the universe if these can be seen within some level of a total theory where things are more importantly uniquely isolated than the question of what is the energy and entropy as the ground of states,
that our consensus and the world itself could be a sum of the birth and absolute separation on some space structure of individuals who vanish and arise as if with them the existence of the universe itself.

In theology we ask these questions of such assumptions of an ultimate subjectivity capable of being more than an indifferent universe and doubly a phantom, one we may imagine is not there when we do not see it as Einstein say he did not believe so vanished the moon. Or can we conjure some such entity into existence in the world of what actually is substance beyond the ideas of symmetries and dimensions on the local scale at least? Can it be that in the best and ultimate design of the world God can only step aside for as if Maxwell's demon his knowing all would send it into ultimate chaos as far as the entropy goes? Could he not in principle intervene or have the choice to do so in a universe as quasi-finite (quasi-infinite)? If such a deity is manifest could He distinguish what in this world is its foundations and what is miracle including himself in the world? In the sense of deity as creative uniqueness in the Intelligent Design sense, not as in Hoyle's intelligent design and creation field concepts but with the capitals... both levels of concept an "intelligible design" apparently, can we not ask also of this deity if in the same way to the level of our learning and comprehension is He multiple?

To some extent it is not the content of an organism that strives to endure and replicate but the context of at least indifferent purposes yet with action part of which, if we are godlike wise in the distance, is the continuation and expansion of existence. If the world were just quantum then the God by turning off the computer so to do quantum computation world solve the problem faster than it left on, when it turns on again. But are such answers unique? Are these dreams of godlike thought between similar universes multiple?

* * * * *
Poetry Projects 02-12-12 L. Edgar Otto

Theme: From the Small Man within I Find Your Face a Variegated Nakedness through Styled in His Ugliness when I am not Blind...

Homunculus Hidden in Your Animus

L. Edgar Otto

We are one tribe while the others take on the forms of lesser animals, the wolves, the chickens, the giraffes
Here and there an elephant or storks with their cacophony of laughs, or our antics mirrored by our inner monkeys hanging by their tail, tempting tigers

So why do we need distance and dividing the future king om into parts, can we not walk as equals, surely
We have the same intelligence, or so we suspect so
for me to demean our heritage is to demean myself
yet not so far away,my compassion, Wounded Elf

Are you waiting for me to show you the moves and way? Do you think your lies will net me,
Your methods, I a fool for tears but not the things you think the way to my stomach, deception simmering in the cold night filling up my wanting ears

In this you are not original, but I admire your creativity
What zombie awakens without doubts takes upon itself my knife teasing me unto your self sacrifice?

* * * * * * *

We Need no Cheerleaders Marshaling us with Their Pompoms
L. Edgar Otto

Your desire, the last kicks, Little Mouse,
on awakening. or a storm of sparks, Failed Star
in death throws but to little effect, questioning bonds

The philosopher in me finds the peace in acceptance
without the loss of love yet indifference to your plight
real or not , your soul not mine a wide gaping squab

The sweet voice lives awhile only in the air waves
some story of your singing, helping your mother cook
No fame or fortune matters, zombies getting only rise

That widens your eyes but you can see nothing nor
reversed in your stupor all your words of love for life
that's what its about, possession, slaves of Sandmen

I have seen too long your puppet dance, flight into yourself
that your body cry's out to hang out, offended
I do not believe or find joy in words to be forgotten

Or of a record with a scratch, looped and telling me over and
over again the same old song, or bits of one we cannot quite
hear the words right, rapid speech

Is that freedom to fly above the storm clouds
losing altitude and risking icing up your wings,
rather make the scratched disk your song, play it once, Wax one?

I am not that child that confuses Princess Summer Fall
Winter Spring in the black and white telecast
never a recording made for the love of her as real.

As the World Grows Smaller L. Edgar Otto

I met you after a long time, half a lifetime really, I called but you did not remember me, not one thought in all that time, but all I thought about was you

Oh, how is so and so, how is your Dad, what are you doing now, Did you get married, Have kids? I found you quite by accident on the internet, as Kevin Bacon

More and more I find the others but we never ask about such things, surely we do not want to talk about who is still around, who moved on, who fell out of time

Rapidly in the cloud meetings and bonds change, questioning why we were smitten, why we just hang around in the befriending, old times sake, like real life

I did not see your face then, no mirror for my reflection
invasion of our privacy, our masks at a distance where nothing is hidden, ghosts taking a long time to die

Now I see I turned my eyes because it was too bright, your amazing beauty, I would explode if not blind to it the Virgin viewed, my innocence, but not lose sight

You were the one, that a good thing to believe in Love itself our hearts to grow, as we fruitfully multiply
I cannot count the gray days when I felt you cry.

* * * * * * *

* * * * * * *

* * * *

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