Monday, February 20, 2012

Virtual Deterministic Systems

Virtual Deterministic Systems (VDS)
L. Edgar Otto

Lampion 02.20.12 The virtual world has an analog to the questions of determinism and free will in the real world. The discussion on this philosophical issue should consider both levels of its implementations, but here I suggest some forms of human behavior and their machine world analog can operate in the same level of a unified space.

While the world may not be rigidly logical, it is in the sense that we sometimes demand certain proofs of mathematical ideas. These apply to the background in which we as non-necessary subjects move with more natural and less rigid necessity. However, should we blunder the virtual logic of the universe does not let it go by. So we ground such events into a higher level idea of natural selection.

If our experiences with the virtual machines of computation have taught us nothing else it is this: that if we do not know the grounding logic from a higher updated system the use of this logic at a false distance gives us the illusion of subjective choices. If we do know such logic then we are limited in its use just as if a rigid response from a machine programmed as say in a chess game, and it is a paradox of the compass of what can be proved in the system and how limited the objectivity is in itself.

It is expected therefore that we have analogs to these types of beings in real life and on the internet as to the usual behavior and the emotional response and the rearrangement and adaptation of our minds into loops of encounters an addictive response. While this may describe some mental conditions it is not clear the knowing of this by the subject or the level of his complexity and growth of mind can act without a more general system beyond the objective and emotionally subjective to lead to wholeness again, the right direction. It is also not clear that a healer who is not neutral can pass along such determinism to their subjects from the healing hands (of Apollo) equivalent to part of geometry of touch so defined with sight (thus half blind Cyclops). So the question is from virtual determinism space or from the disruptive influences of some minds, scammers, trolls and so on can we from a distance merge on some level these distinct forms of determinism.

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