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Oxford Avenue Lampions (Alpha)

Lox (Oxford Avenue Lampions) L. Edgar Otto

February 9, 2012

Toward the possibilities of nD printing: Thought Experiment Alpha, the synthetic theory...

Observation 1 - A 3D printer can be assembled as one piece including the "holes".

Intuition 1 - A nD program will logically design the placement of such holes (tubes, or in a sense with active axioms, worm holes.)

Observation 2 - A binary number can execute a program such that its inverse (which as a physical reality is ambiguous) amounts to an assertion of relatively not ambiguous zero division.

Intuition 2 - This symmetry of ambiguity can be used to determine the knotting in a field of such worm holes.

Intuition 2b - In 4 and greater space the idea of a knot as fixed or tied variously shows that we need an ambiguous generalized definition of the knot concept itself.

Intuition 2c - In that knots are forms of loops or braids, such arrangements in the general view can function as opened or closed under the general ambiguity of a knot field and its restrictions as to the ambiguity of physical solutions.

Observation 3 - In quasic knot space the application of octonions and beyond can find symmetric solutions for field theory which are not there for non-ambiguous field theory.

Intuition 3 - Thus, with the quasic ambiguity (beyond the idea of a fixed world with the effects of uncertainty) the notion of arithmetical operations can be extended in this symmetry way beyond the notion of their vanishing into physicality only as an absolute singularity (that too generalized) of a field space.

Observation 4 - Structure and Numbers conceivable as a distinct reality from the physical has the same ambiguities as that of the tying of knots of worm holes in space as field.

Intuition 4 - As a metalanguage between these distinguished realitites any substitution of the symbols of one string of elements can match that of the other string of elements in all possible permutation orders, real or fanciful or only part solutions.

Intuition 4b - From this 2 + 2 formalism as reflections and condensing in a dynamic compactification based on the duality of the digits (an abstract behavior not unlike our observed behavior of the effects of dark matter) we are apt to confuse this simple level with the mechanism of consciousness. Here, at least, objective and subjective are ambiguous and beyond the strict distinction without merger necessarily nor for what is more or less the reality of it.

Intuition 4c - In the time like or heat like description of the source motions and sink rests (and conversely) especially with the gender of numbers (as a quasic property Euclid sensed related to the more strict even-odd perfect Mersenne primes) no all sequences as quasi-finite can be turned into any other sequence. Structure has a quasi-unique identity. But the nature of this in the quasi-infinite is the tying or untying of space in the universe.

Intuition 4d - These concepts suggest the universe or multiverse ideas, ambiguously so, itself is quasi-unique and we cannot duplicate meaningfully and independent structures or orders save in the temporal solutions, condensing and diverging symmetries beyond path choices in dynamic time.

Intuition 5d - With the even-odd and gender factoring and these distinctions- the totality of this holographic information with this distinction in mind is the ultimate conserved quantity as the physics of the universe.

Intuition 5e - These are of course the properties of such planes (quasic, Euclidean,complex, branes and so on) as the theory of matrices and determinants and the logic that underlies the properties of magic squares (both for stable and unstable solutions for integrated equations.)

Experiment 1 - ( Breakthroughs preceding theory) Between two layers of graphene a dope of Molybdenum wherein there is massive quantum tunneling [see science magazines yesterday] but is the directionality, Casmir like, explained from one layer to another as in the unexplained (by quantum theory) build up of charge to make lightning by contact of smaller particles? Is this an ambiguous property of the heat transfer as such of which the electromagnetic field falls out of the aggregate of physical and structural-numerical evolution? Given that theory or one like it before the fact this would be cited as evidence of the alternative SUSY. But it is a trivial state of things when adding more power to a machine to find particles assumed to go ever deeper and show up at higher energies and state of assumed timelines as if at least some local origin (thus strings and the Planck level) Thus it is a successful proof that may follow from the experiment by its virtual and even unbiased design. Until we find something not reachable or show it unknowable but can falsify the process to ever wider significant measure of doubt. Or in the wagers of chance bet it solidly found.

Intuition X1 - The structural reason for colors not recognizing certain combinations in the unit pixel that on inversion may represent discontinuity including something that initiates a quasi-looping process of universe as dynamics. Triality is not necessarily conserved even in the virtual infinite division of space and especially if any formulas tend toward the singularities in a rigid descending model - for again we do not forbid but can imagine distinctions quasi-connected over space and time, or even at action at a distance- thus an intelligibility with quasi-uniqueness that has to have depth as well as the span as if a totally unique entity. This seems true in our doubts of what eternity and physicality may mean to us as individuals- and philosophically this may explain some of our usual paradoxes of wonder about properties we have imagined would apply to a God. The Diety as such is certainly a state of non-necessity for the proposition, fundamentally and not so much as unnecessary as in the issue of necessity and free will ask perhaps of the universe itself as quasi-unique action.

Intuition X1b - Dirac's and Eddington's theories were equally bizarre after all- but together, now that is perhaps finally bizarre enough to get us beyond this diamond jubilee stalemate of foundational physics.

* * *

The Creative Scientific Universe (WMAP)
L. Otto

PeSla Roo refers to the hot spots vaguely seen as if seas and continents, making sense of shapes giving them names as we do stars in a constellation or street and city designations from the speculations of Creative Philosophy in the short age of the COBE map data.

Of course many go beyond such data painting shapes and unifying theories each according to some inner logic of their vision and dreams as the sense of myth becomes the reality and the philosophy becomes the science or our minds and souls disconnect or come to clarity in awareness and coherence again, for some ideas themselves may evolve toward error and isolation to evaporate as dreams within dreams, unique the soul but chaotic as if that the only real as we experience, engage the spirit with physical and thought experiments.

In such growth and transitions that move things while some things fundamentally are or can be seen to stay fixed we can find some place for these explorations of alternative roots for theories- those especially accepted for awhile universally such as inflation theory- or they can fall out of our useful working theories more or less adsorbed into higher visions. That is where we seem to be at this era in so far as the question of the Higgs particle and mechanism- not so much the interpretations cannot prove a certain scientific reality but that there are cautious doubts about the sanity of such metaphysics before the map of the very small like that of the universe at large with finer eyes begins to make real sense so far as a philosophy.

But can we see beyond our self imaginings and logical structures and shifting or vanishing meanings of foundational concepts and words we put like pearls together in codes- what genes we find or lack if science is to be blind in its objectivity?

No theory or belief likes to die. But the truth seems to be that even with overwhelming evidence everything does. Something in me ultimately questions the truth of this if we take things as science and so weigh them in our finite thoughts. Nor do I think, the poet in me at least, that I am imprinted upon as a child or seduced as an adult from the literature of the Good Book, although I am aware that the separation of the land and the sea is a very powerful image in Genesis even if interpreted in one's own special way that can be dissonant or irrelevant as error or even a stumbled upon truth, the truth of which we may never directly know. Too much for our shared language grounding English as the King James, as with all spiritual literature, is subject to great loss in the translation, and creeping loss in life's boredom at some first passion if our aging is the reality if not the reflection of how old we think we feel.

* * * *

OXLampion o2.10.12

Intuitively we imagine the idea of continuity as if a sense of touch, at some location or at a distance perceptually- as a definition of geometry this role seems reversed for sight- as a pen that does not leave contact in the writing on the paper.

This vague and common experience seems to justify the need in string theory, given as an example, for the increase of an added dimension. "so the strings have wiggle room to vibrate." Now, there may be some deep reasons under this vague popularization metaphor beyond obvious need to communicate the worth of science as important to everyone.

So, I will use this philosophic axiom or reasoning of the introduction of abstract dimensions to express the deep and shallow need to the gods of theory and the common folk for this little light of understanding.

The structure of a logical and theoretical system, seems to need wiggle room in the generalization of dimensional concepts such as that of generations that can begin as some dimensional minimal level. Such a general picture of continuity cannot describe the picture of things as linearity alone, nor as some vague metaphysics of rigid existence or non-existence as the arithmetic of 1 v 0 called non-linear but this not simply meant where things match to a zero balance in the notion of some place as just a matter of dimensions as powers or as the inverses of powers.

In particular, the doubling of things, here also he unexpected virial differences not taken to the next generational level of the kinetic and potential difference of duality doubling and halving. But the process is intelligible as in the complex space and apparently as dualism at least is without dimensional number limits. Such limits arise in the totality considered intelligible and not necessarily vaguely non-linear nor can such always be reduced on the same level of logic to explicit linear reductions if any idea of such reduction is reality of a physical (or even mental) system.

How can the continuity of the Power set, 2^n exist beyond the common and lower dimensions that so extend to great dimensions without generational wiggle room? How can they exist beyond the idea of systems that seem as numbers reaching a point of vanishing algebraic properties with any such duplication without the quasic view of dimensions? Of which it is clear that 16 or 24 or whatever dimensions are needed for example the rigid rotations having wiggle room for continuous and rotation.

Let us not confuse such space as mystically quantum hidden in the symmetries of the discrete, in the example of say duplicating 16 dimensions as shadows not beyond the properties of quasic space beyond 8 dimensions- clearly, we gain little by an inverse reductionism onto the span or macro scale and count of things by treating spin as if somewhere meeting its common sense of spinning objects but limited to physical properties dismissed as the upper state of things as simply generalized to being laws of physics everywhere scalar. Although, from this higher view such notions have their place and utility- we looking down into the dream then rather than being blind in the awareness of being in the flow of the dream as to its design, destinations, and meaningful sorting of information and mechanics for action or purpose.

* * * * *

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