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Lampions (Holofractors)

Lampions (Holofractors) L. Edgar Otto Feb. 8, 2012

Lampion 02.04.12.A

A star in the Casmir Zone (five fold symmetry flat space) around a creative black hole entity, from our view, is short lived (ten million years, science daily. But from their view time is its natural length, time enough for life?

Lampion 02.04.12.B

In this sense, this linear inverse added to the gauge (as the natural result of quasic unit scale invariant initial cell pixel) spherical harmonics on point descriptions (as if there are no points as such (a part is that which hath no point- leaving perhaps the landscape of linear strings) condensed phases in the hyperentanglement and poles as independent of even chirality as a key to (galaxy and other) creation - all stars exist in this graphene like layer and thus a measure of quasi-finite thermodynamic space effects. (in this space over a span as broken down over elliptic formalism in theory an oil drop rises or falls with the heat and temperature in two directions not focused into a Saturn like ring and the general principle is grounded that transitions radiate or something falling in gravity can become hot.) I imagine a better fountain pen that may employ these principles including the mysteries of capillary action and the fine Japanese ink differences in glass beads in glass beads for the ink- in a sense we observe, not preoccupied with how quantum things become classical as an issue, global effects that takes our familiar scale naturally into the depths of what happens in the atomic microcosm and the nature of structure- for it is here that we find the debate stop or top for example at singularity, as to the role of math determining the physics or vice verse).

Lampion 02.04.12.C

This, from solutions and a certain sense of n-dimensional n-symmetry (I first conceived of in 1064 while viewing stereo effects thru a spinning fan at lightning but in a vague but later significant intuition telling someone actually when excited about the concept- I mean should my military experience come to make me disappear) for additions and differential equations- seems to me to explain the immortality of the proton state as he quasi-minimum partition of 5 fold brane as a round or flat Graphene-Casmir space as if in self sustaining soliton like cycles of duality once created as nuclei isolated from the rest of our local universe - entropy as unitary from some view... thus what is in that space region of a proton is responsive to and an analog of our idea of what is gravity.

From this view the structural duality envisioned as polyhedra duals is the oscillation or fields that occur between material objects thus the fields as a more foundational description. It is about the deeper idea of quasi-finite action.

Clearly, in the 5 fold quasic patterns of numbers scale invariant and generational on abstract fixed and moving levels this encompasses the expanded models of hyper-entanglement in the proton not merely as a superposition of the mathematics of two hydrogen spherics and for the superentanglement beyond quantum ideas the shadow super kernal dark nucleus (beginning at 16 time like dimensions in the usual sense) adsorbs the fine structure constant differences of inters group numbers in a sort of shadow entropy. Thus of the 8 3D four space super kernels unfolding the hypercube we add one or two more structures (these can be viewed as the same or as a fixed or moving addition or current where the up or down geometrically dualistic can be exchanged. Of course this only takes things up to the stop and top (see Lubos post on this today) frontier of the known standard theory and rules of quantum physics like the unity quasic pixel structural inverse as an addition to such equations and their linearity or powers of linearity. This sort of question justifies the concern and the remarkable coincidences of numbers to justify their roles for example in the views of Kea and all. In a sense too Lubos suggest some appeal as cooperation between the string and loopy views in such spaces.

The holofraction (break and whole) as a simple series of pipe work in relation to the grounding in digital process viewing the infinite is also our familiar observation of fluid properties even when we cannot see but imagine what makes the models work even beyond the micro-scale. The above properties of the unfolded three cubes in the hypercube extended (initially into ten dimensions) certainly is the observed aromatic properties possible in the layering of DNA codon bases as well at least a super-entanglement reading and expression of the DNA structures. This goes radically a little further than say Penrose's concepts of signals and quantanglement and most likely raises paradoxical issues of the grounding and endurance for the nature of relation between memory and the vacua.

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This is part of a reply to Ulla for her excellent question on memory in Pitkanen's last blog- a part that by thought on the subject- not the personal view of this process of creative theory- helped cleared up but extended the simple lampions of this post:

Lubos discusses this today but short of all being an ultimate uncertainty these theorist have insufficient understanding of the foundations. We are learning. Between that point and some shell falls the wide world of hyperentanglement (and yes there is more than Kea and Pitkanen seeing it have the words for- perhaps superentanglement). When we get the wider picture and all of existence itself is within that difference from the point to the sphere- therein you will find the active memory and further questions as to what that means for our uniqueness and its endurance.

It is such deep forms of entanglement that is the stuff of memory made out of the vacuum and quite beyond the simple idea of zero point and quantum stuff- for in a wider view we can stack such rings of atoms made of things like carbon, embed them in glass that even if breaks is not sharp and does not cut- embed them fractally like a fine Japanese ink of beads and ink in colors for some very fine distinctions beyond the human eye. And we can put them into layers like of course DNA but that as seemingly material is still not enough to contain our wide world of dreams and thoughts and memory.

One should recall that this model may be extended as the multiverse model itself while most theories do not consider this as a general option - so we reach again in the philosophy issues of geometry, uniqueness, and how we approach the creative frontiers of another level of theory, the universe as holofractor- then again the view is so general it is unclear where such derivative views or models begin or end as if this excluded or includes other things from a total theory.

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