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Lampion E : Beyond Great Grand Symmetry

Lampion E : Beyond Great Grand Symmetry

L. Edgar Otto

Clearly and intelligibly the factorials are successive and are in a sense embedded into each other toward greater internal and expansive symmetry's. So too are the geometric structures that can be viewed as order and coherence of properties.

When we examine the 4! permutations so embedded in 5! we encounter the "Great Grand Icosahedral Symmetry's" to use John Conway's term. I leave it for further clarification and to the established physicists to offer interpretations as to what this view means to observed physical particles. This theory may be too obvious and simple. But I would suggest the interpretations, as if a mix of gluons and quarks complies with nature and number for generational coherent theories. The crude analog is of electrons and photon mediators for what is contained and described in the nucleus. That this is so makes for a theory too obvious and simple by which even the explanation of structure may be outside the scope of the interpreted physics in the models and applied mathematics of the day.

So the 15 directions of the icosahedron can by projection as if we can imagine a hidden mirror space can be seen as 15 wave-particles. To match pentagon edges of five colors on a dodecahedron, considering in the 5! level harmonics would have Conway's three solutions. This seems to me because on the not privileged color description we have a holographic situation akin to the mixing of particle flavor generations.

If this (by what I call Kea's Theorem) defines in the quark structure our vague concept of dark matter, a general idea that Pitkanen and others have found a useful explanation, then what would be the superdark matter count and concept?

For one thing such a structure would have 56 directions which comes up if we do try to resolve physical and complete unbroken symmetry matrices. But this is my first guess and the number should alert those to the general considerations of Kea et al for the direction of her investigations. If this describes, let alone measure the masses involved in the standard theory as a matter of theoretical physics as well Pitkanen's approach that begins with the general properties of p-adic numbers coming from a different direction then the theories promise a proof by reasoning of what we can know of particles as intelligibility.

In any case it is regarded that most of the mass or energy comes from the motion of these phase, momenta, and inadequately formulated matrices so describing them. I add that the quasic view is also one of color parity and chirality as an analog to those terms as usually presented and normally do not approach things from inversions to the center. But is such a quasi-contiguous description for the source or inclusion of mass in our equations a bootstrapping hierarchy that comes from the center, but this center is a half singularity.

So it is perfectly reasonable to say that there are three more solutions because the six colors if chosen on the level of mixing at 6! as holographic but these raise the issue of what is the parity when from all directions the sense of chirality is seen as absolute in positive value (this too the concerns of p-adics). This property also shows up as general things we can do on the familiar scale of things with intuitive color design and count of gross objects as in puzzle possibilities.

It is important to keep these levels in mind so to explicitly show how they relate to our systems of matrices and measure. In that these can be seen in our reduced and familiar space as absolute in the reading of spin directions the Otto-conway matrix is quasically four fold which leads to 121 items where one color is the center instead of the 24 plus one. If we abstractly complete this matrix that depends a lot on the color excluded leaving a triangular number left for the other combinations here we find 25 entities that frame another 36 as if a shifted Conway matrix. Given the 120 then the 1 would be the brick wall of ultimate mass particles of all the generations in the same compass of the hierarchy and can thus be an analog to the initiator codon or Higgs and tau particles which if they can be measured will mean no link to if they had a different measure an impossible as not observed physics other than what is intelligibly here, for now anyway as there is more than just the quasic physics generalization.

The fine structure constant in the raw sense of its value as Eddington intuited is not necessarily an analog of physical values for these too can have one general solution not broken into levels of particle generation, mixed and holographic. We should ask for even deeper analogs for this.

But if we do develop things along the lines of what we imagine is done in our normal given three space, non-Euclidean things that far from the general intelligibility and coherent logic and analogies of unified geometry, it will be an obvious way to do things from the suggestion of the math such as with complex numbers electric and magnetic fields are perpendicular. The general theory also explains why we observe in the general equations the lack of a general monopole as it is the simple case of neutralization effects of the hidden chirality not absolute and limited to a zero level or point. The idea here is that on all scales and dimensionless values things are intelligibly intelligible where nature is not characterized fundamentally as existent or non-existent on any level of physicality or virtuality in the span of space and time.

If we see that the handendess of neutrinos appear on the face of it invariant we prove that hidden in them beyond the mirrors is the unobservable fact of variation relative to the constancy of light so if there is no such physical variation observed, but this is not necessarily so as it will not be observed on that level of physics group laws, then this amounts to a structural proof of the forgoing paragraphs. There is a superdark level of symmetry and if it is to be restricted by some physical law or of dimensions it is not by symmetry as we know it, nor is the question what confines the quarks to a nucleus a meaningful one from the quasic view. If there is a violation of this invariant then super symmetry will at first seem a product implied by our imaginations but done so intelligibly in the unity of reasoning.

But then again, what would something beyond the great grand symmetry mean, that is beyond four dimensions such that we do have analogs to an icosahedral group? We can go further into a few dimensions anyway, but what would we call it if it is to be taken literally as structure somewhere as we might imagine a pure way to see dimensions disembodied from the way nature herself sees them? For now, in our progress and blindness, let us just call them super-great and super-greatgrand symmetries and leaves Grand-great-grange symmetry to the gross symmetry of philosophic speculation.

For the general public, what is in the popular mind, especially before one's own time and history of development, learning, I am surprised how so much science fiction had its forerunners to that of today's interest in it. The technical and theoretical ideas of how things may change with the idea of dimensions in mind is a name for the last century in the dreams and in the struggles internecine in the world. Who knows what is in the upwelling in the depths of our minds that we try to explain as we adapt new physics and memories and cautiously replace the guidance of the old, keep a balance. The price for replication is not a limitation nor to some limit a struggle for space and time in scarcity with visions of a fatalism of doom and gloom, ultraviolet catastrophes and so on... it has been suggested the price of replication is death for the individual.

But the price is much deeper than that. It is as much the struggle for our containing the physics of generational vacuum within us as individuals and a species that for the general and seemingly isolated systems in this world the desire to expand into such depths outweighs the fears and risks. Physics has a certain quality of secrets as does all science and when hidden it enhances what the average healthy person knows and will not question in public that we know more in the mood of our human poetry, called romance. Albeit a great and grand romance and life and death drama.

It does not take away from the deeper moral laws and obligations to warn the passenger ship before sinking by the submarines as if to justify all things by the rule of war- even if we were asked to volunteer knowing our duty was to die- notice not keep the peace, nor vanquish the culture and history and threatening masses of some enemy.

But the old issue of new science to be used for good or ill is still the great and grand question.

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