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Physics of the Remote View

Physics of the Remote View
L. Edgar Otto 02-18-12

With little response and support from the society and institutions, save a few professors, a few senators and representatives all who proved they carried no real weight in society even when the weight was virtual by default as there is no necessary power otherwise so the word of their staff or some department is the law, I free to explore the physics and claims of the paranormal, specifically the remote viewing, if there are any of these things to see.

Make no mistake, my purpose here is to understand on one hand why people imagine such things that amount to a necessary personal belief in the main. On the other hand I begin to see that such concepts if not derived from our higher understanding of numbers and topology can certainly help us visualize such processes and structures.

Nevertheless, I cannot deny in honesty what experiences I have had or think I have had when it comes to what seems a little outside of the usual events we ground our views in as if a science that exists beyond measure. These are considerable and as rare as they are deep - no general faculty in which the average soul can venture to explore without risks.

Alone, this theme or topic would float around like the first efforts of writing in a class in the learning of technique or some bounds of shared creativity but which usually amount to some average achievement.
But I begin to see a deep connection to my recent question of what would four dimensional printing consist. That and Pitkanen- as the issue at the "Institute for Advanced Studies" related ideas of remote viewing and issues of zero point energy- mentioned in his last post the possibility of ESP phenomena "inside the wormholes". I meant to ask him about the volume of such entities.

In any case as Ulla points out we can learn a lot from biochemical models, certainly beneath the neuron level wherein we know for example it takes only one neuron to record and recognize a human face. It is clear by some authors such as Ramsberger that the supernatural level may be said to exist at the other end of the spectrum of quantum mechanics after color to that from which a particle comes into or out of existence.

In relation to this Gardner tried to associate the director of that Institute to the spoon bending of Geller which of course seems more like magic or legerdemain snake oil and show rather than science. Or should I accept this. For at a party with themes my son and I had several people, sober at that point on Bourbon Night, to stand in a circle and try to bend spoons with their minds. No one achieved it as we tried it several times saying to bend it back on itself. So there was nothing to it my son said until one lady held up her spoon now backward bent forty-five degrees or so and said, "Gee Ari, is this bent enough?"

Still these questions are after all at the frontier of what it would mean if we could, at least structure wise, undertake four space travel and navigation. Even on this level of the next lowest dimension, yet between subjectivity and objectivity, philosophical and scientific ideas of time, matter in its measure of quasifinitude, we can begin to understand esoteric topologies as if the four space printing from a unified view. Imagine a boundless and finite globe but also like Google earth where you can spin the world and zoom down to any place to the street view, one locked in time by the way, and you can see Ari and the lead player of the Evergreen Grass Band outside of Racy Delene's coffee shop. But in no case are in shifting the depth are we going outside the surface of the earth as if it were a spherical brane.

Can an equator on such a surface be shrunk to a point or on any such higher dimensional surface? Let us go a little outside to view this, even outside of time. What may be the real coordinates of ones life path and decisions as quasi-finite thus a change anywhere in the rest or motion, or the factoring into a difference of the dialectics of space and time, the print is not the materialization by the painting with higher spaces but the reality of some finite place of measurement possible. Yet from the infinite view, or from the infinitesimal the unique experience of such a view is the reality so printed and is finite in the possibilities over time and space in its continuity-like boundlessness. In such a conception remote viewing may have a structural mechanism and in this space our actions and events may be visits to quasi-virtual ambiguities of some real description of our place in it as physicality.

In this development of wide possibilities we seem not only to ground the idea of the ensemble of general designs, a superimposition of many dimensions and symmetries, multi-ply layered, but our in the open yet where privacy possible from the view by others- this would of course make the process useless as a military weapon, that and the supernatural sea of it lost in the complexity of so many souls engaging in the remote views.

We must go beyond this idea, and let me say now I welcome any useful comment or joint effort or contribution should I continue here on this theme and do so formally. We even need more than what I call the quasics but perhaps not what I call the Omnium short of some possible heaven. Another ingredient to the formation of these thoughts today was the article on the double factorial being, if extended to fractions and possible other irrational positive numbers especially as interesting looking plots of complex analysis is that (1/2)!! for example is pi/2 and other measures of pi. In this sense if we are to essentially compare the curved and flat spaces, n-ality and generations of a more general model aside, our sphere or brane must start as eight dimensions for the beginning of a total description.

It would be interesting to see Pitkanens thoughts on this when they have defined "primetorials", p#(n) in relation to his intuitive and long contemplated system. Of course if we can see outside the universe as a spherical brane or inside it for that matter, and we can see even after exceeding in a sense the infinitesimal or the infinite in it, we can claim it has something to do with the dark energy and Casmir effect so it is possible that such is worth the investigation as a source of energy, the zero point like concepts as popular now in the advanced science fiction. This for the sake of protection against surprises by stealth governments with scenarios or from the doomsayers that the collider will make a black hole that suck in Europe forcing the honest scientists to say there may be a chance but it is very slim or if it were true then not much would exist around us for long in nature.

Such energy by definition does not come from parallel universes which can be n-ality within this one in general or at any averaged specific local place. In this sense the dark forces are indeed discovered and engineered into existence while the forces behind it would in principle not be observed anywhere in a many-world of the transformation. But all this means little without the quasic view as a unified one, and without the next idea there is more to geometry than our usual operations like reflection, rotation and translation- even if the transmission of such energy is of the warped or helical structure.

In my illustration I show the hollowed out building and the stairway thru the window, thus the cloudy white reflection of the light. My shadow adjusts the angle and the light is at the foot of the stairway and opens to a higher or deeper world - such worlds to which we begin to probe with instruments and growing imagination.

The line "Minne, there is no light..." said to be the last words of the country singer songwriter Hank Williams as he was dying in the car on the way to the Opry saying it to Minnie Pearl. As I write this another singer, Whitney Houston falls like that and it seems so many around me cannot help the mix of their drink and prescription drugs and chance drowning in the river. Why? Well, not much was talked about then with this pharmaceutical grounding making the knees shake at the edge of some cliff, for the copy effects of some fictional Whether by Goethe. Now, Hank was a large part of the music of my family back in 1955 or so when the world at least for a child in my neck of the woods was like Leave it to Beaver, back when we had not reached the moon and mars near was a great event and the people cried, so did I, when Einstein died.

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  1. if extended to fractions and possible other irrational positive numbers especially as interesting looking plots of complex analysis is that (1/2)!! for example is pi/2 and other measures of pi. In this sense if we are to essentially compare the curved and flat spaces, n-ality and generations of a more general model aside, our sphere or brane must start as eight dimensions for the beginning of a total description.

    Would be interesting linked to c, hbar and G, not as natural units but in themselves.
    Compare and

  2. Ulla,

    a very interesting discussion going on there. This is a very good question. It is the very question of what is the grounding of physics as such constants which may seem not to be fundamental after all but part of something deeper or just a mathematical artifact. Rowlands would have us think the physics is fundamental and not the math as if it were the only real platonic existent for he says things like group theory are only a stepping stone to the physical. But does this not seem like a confusion at the foundations? I mean, if such constants are not fundamental can physics be fundamental as a reality over the mathematics?

    As Einstein said, eventually physics can be expressed in terms everyday people can readily understand. I am impressed you strive to follow such dialogs and still worry, especially with the language differences, as you read my blog, that my wording is just to confusing for you- so I added another post to see things from the artist's perspective - We not far from being lost in mental space - I have permission to use my roommates art but I should move soon as it is very difficult to deal with such van gogh mood changes- yet, I see a breakthrough there and a healing possible for him- what I see of course depends on knowing him and watching his development for something that at first glance seems like drips on canvass. The question of the abstract. For my part my primitive graphics I do not regard as art but rather when we know the computer world more as just bits in the data stream that I could do better if I had the programs or money. What we see makes the artist. Thank you for your insights.

    The PeSla

  3. Want to point out that the use of natural units can be misleading, when they are left out from equations. See for instance the FTL.