Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Iota Omnium

Iota Omnium

L. Edgar Otto

Imagine a solar system like model of a hydrogen atom of one electron and one proton. The electron is moving in a circular orbit around the proton. This is an absolute and Cartesian model in which the particles can be assumed to be centered or actually be a point in the system description. We leave for now the idea that the proton may be reduced by triality into three points that would affect the generational certainty of the general motions and effects between the nucleus and electron or that which the electron itself exhibits a range of uncertainty within a sub-shell like and chirality as a point of intrinsic mirroring of the nuclear triality.

It is clear that an electron cannot be just a point or for that matter described by some substructures of iota particles in that model because it exceeds the compass of this system so described as a grounding for physicality. Nor can it be just a one dimensional entity, a string like concept. So it is a point-string even in its motion and such a ray description is potential there if the electron itself changes things so as to become a photon along such a string-like ray. In this sense the string is independent of concepts of scale or dimension and as such the underlying structure of things can be considered as foundational as strings, mathematically.

From a point or point center of the electron the iota, the omnium analog of the cosmos on a particle level, the string or line as a ray, even when there are rules that interchange the points and lines in projections, can be directed along the resulting but generally relative and cloud-like orbit or point outward or point to the nucleus as a condensation into default of which regardless of the span of spaces involved we can in theory, and in observation, merge the electron and the proton.

But this process is not as foundational as the general relation to the depth and span and default of space for in the states of physical parameters and constants and the correspondence of structured vacua with dimensionless values as the grounding and absolute vacuum state of the everlasting stability of a proton while the omnium seems to generally persist as the non-necessary ground of being.

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