Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Darker Shade of Pale & Lime Street Hopes

Lampion Side B - A Darker Shade of Pale & Lime Street Hopes

L. Edgar Otto
February 26, 2012

"What is the most interesting and beautiful number?" said Sheldon on the immensely popular sit com The Big Bang - "It is 73 because in binary it is 1001001, a palindrome."


Whilie we can imagine matter condensed into a center to the point of its vanishing beyond the rim (flange) of a horizon but nevertheless sill at that location relative to the potential well of all falls into it, the idea of half the infinity of such a structured singularity suggests, perhaps via the natural breaking of symmetry as structurally incomplete at least to some fraction of the arithmetic operations of the totality, that is beyond the octonions and all possible symmetric mirrors, such processes can be repeated so the structures of the entities involved as nature sees supersymmetries herself is doubly hidden at that abstract coordinate location.

If this were the extent of such cases of a unified and quasic physics we could expect that aspect or view of general matter intelligibly in the universe, or the relations between matter on levels so divided and subdivided on the same level into structural generations, interactions that seesaw between these inertial ideas of things like matter and dark matter issues. But just as we can see dark matter as a generalization of matter in creative entities we can imagine that in this flange or dark direction defaulting to the center of all possible structures viewed from the outside, there exists super-dark matter, or for a clearer word supernjoirium...

What beyond this is that which we may consider beyond the compass of physics as it is understood and defined. for what happens to information when we go into the super creative entity that distinguishes levels like the nucleus or the quasar or in organic cells and galaxies? Is the process recursively without ending if it is there at all? Can quasics describe things this side of heaven without the idea of wormholes that within them themselves there can be a flangelation to a different level of wormholes as if super ones?

In the interpretation of our dreams and doubly blind imaginations in creative philosophy are there levels deeper than the obvious lost into the obvious where memory is super stored and set into the vacuum by the structure alone a the meeting point of structural quasic centers such that things are contiguous in process, quasifinite and intelligible, resolving the foundations of the firmament of the ancient wisdom of super meaning to the new birth and drive and light in the rise and fall of stars?

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