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Omnium, Point of a Thousand Lights

Omnium, Point of a Thousand Lights L. Edgar Otto

The aspect of a limit to know at least at a snapshot of a supposed total state of nature which we can imagine while it becomes only necessary in less cosmic models than the Omnium... So between to coordinate points where there is knowledge of such systems, where it can seem to the one they are in a different level of enlightenment to another, that this situation needs not be symmetric. Both can be behind or ahead of the other in this ambiance of time. We could try and do imagine mediators as in the current physical models and these are the departed ghosts of the ghostly virtual particles... the ludicrous luminos for example to which a great deal of their fanciful influence may be carried by some form of neutrinos if these have influence on the totality of a local omnic field structure not necessarily connected continuously in the the span of such minute probability descriptions such as the initial variations in the cosmic background maps.

At this level we cannot simply describe physics as some equivalence of gravity and acceleration. Is there an equivalence analog to such dark acceleration intrinsically.

We can now imagine, let us call them Platons as a sort of conscious location or existence and mediator, a monad of sorts but one that is omnically and dynamically engaged with the universe and other monads... they have by default a window. The window is closed only if an individual who has an infinite span but finite depth of knowing is physically separated from another monad save by quasic questions of what this relation may be outside of the monad as self.

A platon then is the super-partner like entity, albeit doubly fanciful, that is a fine zone of a thousand points of light present or virtual and of a constant coming into and out of existence as if a sort of default pressure grounding the lesser or non phoenix physics of general higher than 5 space dimensions. It is the reverse of some platonic entity as a dark entity like a black hole, in relative motion itself, that explodes from such a quasi-absolute region to a thousand points of light, all having this range of uncertainty and limits true to some extent to their own laws of inner necessity in a generally non-necessary world.

A platon can have a certain determinism in directing events in indeterminate general space as to the limits or restrictions of this range of true physics, this zone, this limited cloud as if of the crack or variation in omnic space around for example bare charge of an electron. So the platon is an iota particle itself and doubly so for iota is the general idea of a particle being an omnic analog to the general omnic universe itself.

The inverse of the all knowing but distant "God Particle" in this sense could from our finite mental view and place in the history we project of all possible paths of being and knowing could suggest as an entity the universe itself in analogy to this platon is in a sense all knowing on its level to which we prime the pump for knowledge or in theory can drown in when it becomes materialized as awareness in our mental space. No amount of entry into the zero point lattice thru the windows can reach the truth of our ambiguous cores and change them or seem them much like a higher model of some principle of uncertainty, not even if some evil spirit who can see in the dark inundates us with its psychic physics as if a form of water boarding.

Even then with this faculty within us as a monad to which we can so know things with or without limitations for our relative strength of monad we can go beyond this concept of God as deism or universe in principle and possibly as a reality that underlies things. Grounding the uniqueness that forms a history or higher time, before and after infinite events and at some center of being connected or not to other such centers and to the self in its sophistication of theoretical awareness a monad or a platon can conceivably go beyond the system of this world, at least this explains why we can so and do intellectually imagine it and why there are real but limited fears that such unreal real things can in our own level of existence be dangerous and difficult to use as a weapon wherein one monad can change another, hence the idea of remote visitations to view or what some intuit as curses between evil hearted souls or projections from the presence in totality of being of an after world. It is certainly clear that we can change our physical path events in the living of them as if we do harness something like magical coincidence.

[ Footnote: This third part written after the next two parts but the old beginning is difficult in the style and wording even to myself and I did not want to burden the reader to the point they do not find the interesting new ideas. But in this sense the new start while reading clearer is much more profound than the old beginning in difficulty. I am not sure the powers in the universe can organize the totality of things that the general reality of others are pushed aside and do not show themselves- at least institutions, individuals, and states and the coyote paranoid street smart intuitively do this to each other. It seems to me to entertain thoughts on the supernatural as the paranormal is to open the gate for a real or fanciful proof of the presence of God, as personal or impersonal as we ponder this question much as we have the amazing faculty to ponder the knowing in ourselves. ]

* * * * *

Only on the level of our minds can we have a global shift independent of the generations field as an emphasis of one realization of a n-ality totality. This transformation can be seen as an internal core or an external encompassing.

The seemingly parallel moods of mind or even fundamental shifts of materialized personality is equivalent in projections onto the perceptions and actuality of the universe as existing (or non-existing) of the higher concepts of at least a triality of our minds for its relation to the physical is at once something inside and outside to the grounding as sentience.

The expansion and looping possible of the core or compass span suggests a general logical path of self cycling, harmonics... the adaptability of mind is quasi-intelligible. It is not clear to what extent the expansion depends solely upon material elements or can be fundamentally changed by them as in drugs and induced sleep. Is the mind in a sense ever totally asleep if it exists or is it always quasi-awake in so long as its substance could be a disembodies virtuality?

Psychodynamics is the structure and processes of what can be realized in the genetic like structures and inter relationship of patterns that seem to self organize organic matter. Core-wise there are physical maps as an inversion of the reading of the quasi n-ality compass of the possible gene expression and the suppression of disruptive genes of which these may have some value in quasi-evolving as potential mutations. In a sense the quasic pattern is the mind in a quasi contiguous dialectic with its universal laws of sentience and of general space as if a virtual quasic field.

* * * * * 02-19-12

There is the idea that the maximum expansion of the universe is a measure of energy along with the quantum and relativistic definitions.

This has also been a model for the limit of human knowledge to which as we know many have postulated as the end of what we can know or can imagine. Gardner sums this up well in the last section of his book debunking pseudoscience.

It is obvious this is only a philosophical way to discuss space just as the taking literally time as the fourth dimension. But is it a useful stage in the deeper visualization of higher space.

Just as Gardner's book was first published in 2000 I get the impression that these issues on the frontier when I talk to Ulla and Pitkanen is like the issues I raised in the late 90's as if it is delayed in time to me and yet it is also synchronous in general with new data on the frontiers. Certainly that was a time of intense struggle for certain alternative views, especially in the paranormal and for medicine to take hold in the popular imagination. But what must my general coordinate spacetime in this expanded place more general than the usual issues and interpretation of time in relativity and quantum mechanics appear to Pitkanen? Time is a lot more than the simple issue of simultaneity or not.

For the issue of some maximum energy we rise to, or some knowledge we so arise, then descent to another pole of an abstract Platon sphere...if these can have an intrinsic unity or some total theory will always be beyond us if we ever could reach that (as if a thermodynamic) limit - a position for the geometry's sake back in 95 or so I listened but did not take Barrow's brave alternative view to heart. If we imagine a sphere (and what we may think as a naturally dimensioned n-sphere) passing thru a plane it first reaches a point, then a growing circle then it recedes again to another point then vanishes off the plane.

But we can take the Heraclitean view of change as if to say a cone (double cone) is forever a decreasing circle in that plane to reach a one and only point then becomes an ever widening circle again. Knowledge will always increase and as we look back we simplify things in physics until we reach ignorance at a point of which, as this is absolute and philosophic space structure, we cannot say what is before it although such an eternity in the past seems to be an equal mirror if we balance time and nature. Recall that cosmology has decided the universe is in a sense flat after all.

It is conceivable we do reach a limit to knowledge beyond which our brains have not evolved to compute and comprehend- the saying we know what there is in the world as if a measure of the dark matter but cannot yet say what all there is actually is- in the hopes of a unified theory of course. But one does not have to be Platonic in view to find a unified theory, and if we do find such a theory there is no restriction on it other than there is nothing else to find or imagine anyway.

Well, of late Hawking says the string theory proves there is not God for that can still be imagined, to where goes the checkers on the bar of the 24 pips in backgammon? what is beyond the touch of the curved spaces and the flat at the point of entry and departure? What Hawking probably senses here is that string theory, especially with only perhaps and ambiguous ideal point and no mirror partners or supper partners to be found in general and other spaces is that physics has reached the limit of its knowing and can know it is all there is but not what it is even in the maximum span and depths of generalization- that in effect string theory is only a philosophical way to view space.

One possibility if it is off the greater grid or brane of the universe, the usual appeal to say a fifth dimension then way beyond that into the abstract realm of n-dimensions, new principles should be invoked. But first we do have to decide about looping things- the quasic duality also of lines that become circles and circles lines in the issue of the continuous and discrete in normal and quasic spaces and their higher unification.

For such is we can imagine ideal infinite but bounded stretches of a natural polytope as a view as well as its reduction to some form of spherical harmonics... some describe if they come close to triality at all the mathematics as if our reported views of flying saucers as if a general cigar or disc shape- the shape after all which can be the flatness needed for an absolute zero point concept without the field as an analogy to the the quantum world if do not allow crystallization as an absolute rest of particles or of space itself. How far away can we expect around an real particle for some virtual ones to briefly appear?

But this is to say that the ideal points at infinity somehow meet in the negative and positive directions but the meeting is asymptotic rather than thought to be like a certainly continuous ring or circle- the proper motion of the Aristotelian world. This is part of the picture but if such infinite concepts can be known without limits then what more, it seems, can be imagined as if we needed to know it as science? Would there be no limit to our knowing while the world- as Gardner quoted the brain of a common earthworm is much more complex than a galaxy.

If we can know in the future we could have known or could be able to know things in the past just as in our present slice of space and time and quasicity. And our knowing as if outside of time and at this point in time so to speak, is what we are capable of now- not in some utopian sense of evolving (or devolving) into a future. Nor is there a necessary connection between the so called past and future as to the extent of our vision as the quantum theory seems to state- but it is not forbidden in a world of non-necessity.

What seems a limit to our knowing is where the divide between the physics and metaphysics is, between the science and pseudoscience, and what sort of science- not a prophesy that today's magic will the the new science, do we need to understand and discern the truth of all this.

Mathematics and physics are too intimate as bedfellows to judge the other so far, but they can learn from each other. It is not just the Platonic idea of number as a realty, nor matter but of something that may have being if not physicality of our spirits also- Gardner berates Edison first for his materialism then for his trying to make machines to communicate with the dead.

But not long ago, in the late nineties, I was told by the secretary telling the chancellor ideas about the light at the end of life's tunnel was an inappropriate topic as I casually mentioned it when a neighbor kid who died and used to bring us surplus vegetables from his garden in the spirit of his Baha'i family. Well Gardner just like the fundamentalists in Iran berates, them too. And since then the issues are mentionable and discussed widely on university public radio. It was a strange time, even my friend the string theorist could not get tenure and left the university for a more lucrative job in the private sector.

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