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Life Force

Life Force L. Edgar Otto 02-24-12

In the abstract rest and motion, the appeal again to the aether in the sense that something globally and cosmically seems fixed and finite while something else seems like continuous and infinite time. So the appeal is the description of time in Bergson's sense, duration and clock time or for some scientists a relative time and a proper time.

Since the quasic world, seeing in the here and now a little beyond rigid mechanistic logic, only to push it into a higher conceptual realm where the structure of space determines the influence of numbers and numbers set the structures of space, much like that paradox of light and gravitational mass as a problem yet in physics, in the quasi-finite universe we require at least a third concept of time. It is this time at least that we should attribute that quality of motion to which for life so defined in part in the figure and context of the universe's background.

In the depth as well as this span, in the five foldness of nature such that we can stand better on our toes, in the fifth dimension and with its mirrors we intuit the ideas of the ten dimensions- including the need for an 11th and 12th in this sense of compactification and symmetry breaking intelligibly.
It is not enough to choose some concept of time proper or relative to ground the wide scope of life's complexity. It is not fundamentally within the usual question of subjective and objective nor of mechanism and chance, nor of nature and nurture. We may need things more than a third or quasic time beyond this trap of reasoning ignoring higher spaces and symmetries.

Over the quasic plane the alpha and beta, x and y, directions and the properties of numbers is that which for some concept or entity distinguishes potentially the continuous from the discrete. These do not explain sufficiently how things are to be explained beneath the idea as physics, especially that of measure and of global or local processes of observation and how we debate concepts such as quantum collapsing. In a large sense some cherished principles, renormalization, conservation laws, Pauli exclusion and the like will seem in retrospect vague intuitions and very convincing for a metaphysical philosophy more than physics as science- we need intuitive proofs as well.

The situation is not helped by those who promote insufficient understanding of new age ideas like "Sacred Geometry" but the same problems as to what is pseudoscience or science exists there as a matter of debate as to what is sound and whom first discovers or authors what. To dismiss all of it is no better than the anti-intellectual stance that would dismiss any facts in the theories of science.

To this end, from a combinations standpoint, to show the wide but accessible fifth generation behind phenomena such as life, one that forgets to count themselves at time initially in the plane itself let alone a cycle of others- so to the overly simplified application of group theories, in the reading of the gene code we explain also the 20 as a grounding as much as we can explain the 24 in the proper quasic time, the more Bosonic view that begins as discreteness, corpuscular over clouds and fluids of chance -itself split in its deep philosophy and applications, I arrange twenty colors of the internet logic spectrum and their mirrors. To this I add the cosmic latte and is mirror for 21 symbolic entities as the color designs show while needing further development than I have given here.

Of course at times over the various color spaces, to begin with the first such spectra excluded orange much to the chagrin of my young children. We tend in primary systems to choose three with compliments six colors, but newly defined via the internet we obviously should add the cyan and that outside the rainbow, magenta. Thus just as the inadequate description of slices of six dimensions for physical models of compactification we find 8 colors- in a sense we add black and white to make the ten then to expand these logically as if each hue is a dimension added in a generation of a uniform color space system. Super-symmetry begins at 8 dimensions.

While it is clear we can rotate things, 720 degrees which is the start of quaternions and string theories, we should not forget the centered concept of things at 90 degree multiples to find the identity or center of a holographic surface identity in the rotation of things. Quasics removes the paradoxes of the application of properties beyond octonions and we can treat these abstract number concepts as if simple plane drawing which more or less is our experience of natural space.

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