Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lampion H : Taking Three Space as Physicality

Lampion H : Taking Three Space as Physicality

L. Edgar Otto 28 February, 2012

Matter that exists on one transitive permutation holographic level excludes the diagonal colors as cancelling out. The physicality of possible twists, assuming normal three dimensional space as the realm of what is that may include mirroring of that space, a closed group system of octahedral symmetry can be further mirrored into the next higher realm of transitive effects or group symmetries.

In this transitivity we discover the neutral particles of the same color can be considered a mixing across generations which nevertheless reduce to the groups of normal three space. This mirroring would imply that distinct orientations of the physical space when the generational space is considered distinct and intransitive, that those elements off the diagonal we regard as distinct physically exhibit this mixing and transitivity.

This intrinsic wobble is the possibility of uncertainty as realized in the quantum field, as foundational, but it only tells us of things within that model system over all paths- not an indication of the appeal to other parallel universes.

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Here is the matrix of 9 axes, it is as if we have a triality x triality of which the intersection of three spaces on the same transitive level is the axiom. I hope this color coding is clearer than just the letter notations.

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