Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lampion D : Digital Structural Programming

Lampion D : Digital Structural Programming

L. Edgar Otto 02-26-12

One use of this quasi-finite programming by pattern and structures would be to map the changes on the surface and the depth of the earth to any desired degree of accuracy.

But if the purpose is to use it to apply the usual mathematics of vectors and so on this could be done better if the space structure itself is grounded to so describe the vectors rather than such vector theory describing the desired space and the object in changes and directions within it.

Thus we should go beyond the idea of dividing spaces such as a surface of a sphere into simplexes, in particular the methods of geodesic domes of increasing frequency.

It would be better for example to divide the sphere into say the cubic dome but the resulting brane or plane say divided by some square power of two should then be analyzed as to the quasic relationships including the changes in scale of which we could include in the virtual density of the measure between the curve and linear regions as quasi-finite application of the Fourier applications to a lattice of measure in the orthogonal space division for expected density comparisons. This should be more manageable than say the application of absolute variables in quadratic formulas and of the mapping of elliptic curves in a plane.

This of course tries to reconcile the holographic and fractal concepts of that which fall out from quasi-continuity in chaos theory.

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