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Lampion 02.02.12 Nine Men Morris Triality (Calyptic Cubes)

Lampion 02.02.12 Nine Men Morris Triality (Calyptic Cubes) L. Edgar Otto 02-06-12

Calypton- given sufficient structural complexity (three space in general from the logical and intelligible visualization of the algebra) we find a Triality space (Hessian polytopes?) wherein the distinction between what is fermion or boson, things that match or are in opposition is not the fundamental pattern but the pattern itself as the fundamental idea. Yet on this level the surface of 6 cubes and a complex shadow of them (thus we justify Rowlands systems of applying two sets of complex numbers to the quantum formalism but not his clear distinction in a quasi-finite world as to what is conserved or not in the patterns mapped CPT(&M?) in the applied interpretations as a physicality). The surfaces (half) match while the internal or calyptic symmetries are in opposition. We find naturally the 12 and 5 of Dirac in the extended Orthogonal quasic matrix of 24 by 24, and see the significance in these division spaces of the real and imaginary zero roots for which Kea et al have long and subtly investigated. Clearly, the idea of what is superimposed or merged, capable of bilateral symmetry breaking or a unitary pole or condensation, is at some lower level a very vague concept but more fundamental. I suggest (and forgive my mere notes and some errors in the page for it is only the first of so many pages completed or to be completed for the right sense of visualization, computing these would be a good mental exercise for those not familiar with the visual methods of higher dimensions and symmetry principles.) the game of 9 men Morris, a 3^n situation and which mystically for me is the compass passing time on Viking ships as they played the game... Find the mill or three therein until the shells of space and hidden space are filled in their vacua. Even the virtual center may have this deeper uncertainty of what is condensed or separate but superimposed (for there is a 25th hidden point in the center in a world perhaps where we may imagine there are no points as such in the dimensions.

From the Calyptic view then, I imagine the six cubes of 9 colors any four that matches the same color on the 36 faces to be the 48 of three space cube rotations and doubly hidden in the duplication by the Complex duals idea we find abstractly a system of 12 of such cubes in the formalism of which mathematics does apply but in what seems a different way, such we cannot say on this level of dialog does the pattern or math determine the physics or the physical state what is possible in the patterns? But of course, even in the n-dimensional bilaterial n-symmetry of structures it is that three things involved is a little more fundamental or closer to the ambiguous unit quasic pixel real or virtual modified inverses than all the orthogons and their generalizations. Parity for example had more fundamental dynamics of some change of sign.

(To make clearer coming here later- the fermions are hidden in the bosonic structure in the calyptic cubes- that is, in the general transitivity over a surface within the nucleus we do not have a deterministic and rigid system necessarily with a rigid historical center nor origin as a world view, exclusively, these can be relaxed defaults that endure as if a time direction. The assumption that things should be developed as theory along these lines and strictly characterized and separated is not fundamental- only from some view can we think the weak force for example in the discrete-continuous rigid distinction that it is greater than the strong force in the model. CPT symmetries will not be so rigidly conserved or not in any combination. I find it interesting Pitkanen's observation to hammed on the general idea of 5 seven items- which is of course part of the standard geometry and general quasic picture thus QM. But why make this geometry so rigid in terms of symmetry breaking if that is a matter of formulism of views less than a unified theory, in view of calypton space and quasi-finitude? Deep memory and consciousness have to be defined beyond the quantum formalism- but to say it applies at all on the rigid origin assumed scale of things is questioned a lot especially by those who are on only one level of things in their discipline- such as informatics in DNA does not to them connect beyond the protein level as part of a relevant new physics as algebra and geometry.)

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