Sunday, February 19, 2012

We not Far from Being Lost in Mental Space

We not Far from Being Lost in Mental Space

L. Edgar Otto 02-19-12

The mind itself is at least the design of the Omnium. Art of course reflects the times and at that place of creation where we can say there are new and original images in the world possible the artist just like the theoretical scientist may only be aware of breakthroughs and masterpieces in retrospect self looped in curiosity and expanding drive to reach out to others, the effort unto exhaustion of signs communicated to the gods and the universe. But in this sense, in the wide design of this great idea of philosophical time, what some put down through the struggles of their subjectivity, emotions encoded and influenced by many things that guide the limits and waves of truth, even little things, the draft in the window, the hangover of a troubled sleep, the memory of things long gone that still haunt us, the doing of such work in that space of beginnings even in jest going through the motions of recovery to a more pristine state of potential possibilities, such images are not neutral and sterile and such a sensing of the benevolence or maliciousness of a universe or god matters, but are living things.

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