Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Higher Dimensional Printing (4D and Beyond)

Lampion 02-07-12 4D Printing

This was my single thought to consider along the lines of how I see the dimensions last night and today. But I bought one of the coffee shop computers and am trying to set it up and exploring the features hard to do with the distractions in the shop. I also recovered certain things from the computer itself, texts and photos. I may go on line with one of them- looking back in the evolving and slow but dramatic leaps of this creative blog is like analyzing the chess moves after the game. Yet so much is thinking forward so I have strengths and weaknesses to consider. I tend to find a level of technology, razors, pens, and yes the Vista level graphics... I have to catch up on what is the internet trend - perhaps some of the domain to go up for the arts and so on, finally. I find it hard to take in all the diagrams all at once- but I do seem to have them in my memory- even some of the revisions.

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My Status today on facebook:

I'm Back ! This is not the 90's nor the decade after the Millennium. Some of us can see a few moves ahead- and some vanish into nostalgic technologies before they are equal to them only to shout down others in bygone eras. In this decade we have lost more than manufacturing in the USA. We have lost the soul of the people and become as mean spirited as the songs we sing against. But, I cannot be pessimistic... there is no pill for this save hope for truth, and a little honesty. If any want to join me in some project you are most welcome- but the game will fail if the design and myself make the decisions- design is the leader- if we are to be the queen on the board.

Lifework as a concept? Sometimes in looking back we still are engaged in our work of the future- not sitting on dried brown flowers peeking thru the snow in winter and expecting on that to be living on our laurels. That is why perhaps, spring has its mirror of passion returned hidden in it sorrow- just as a brisk October morning has in its heart the warmth of spring and light to come of which we can bear the vision.

I guess off line is like an archeology of ourselves when things are quite enough and who hears anyway? It is a story read again with new insight and the possibility of a universal drama for although the history is important it should not take from the living it. At singularity it is not clear that our self is the proper study of ourself- but sometimes the best work gets done in solitude and if we survive loss we shall be ready to shout to the universe again something new at singularity. Not for the sake of shouting nor the care for our character that in the fiction takes on a life of its own- but for the vision of the possible and perhaps the impossible- and this is a lot more to see than walk as if on the distant stars- more than the diviners and gamblers and insurers, more than the predictions of science- Love you see feels safest when it is full of happy surprises, and we do not sink so low that we cannot become aware just how high our spirits are or low in the worlds and our fellows rejections. With this too, we begin to learn from history and no longer fall for the empty myths of others who themselves have not learned to live in their own time, own skin, or own dreams.
But who recalls the bones in the battleground? Vengeance is dramatic and pointless in the outcome in the greater scheme of things, a tease really that gets out of hand, the wheel of it comes back to crush one, rather it does so before the wheel rolls in its infinite velocity, putting on the the moral breaks if they do not burn out will sometimes, hidden but here and not necessarily in the hereafter, burns the evil and the smart but stupid ones bleeding years.

This is universal and perhaps the origin of our idea of rights such as to found a family or stage a revolution- that is the danger in unbalanced government will sooner or later be addressed by those who deliver the warrant against brothers and sisters, separating children from mothers by arbitrary immoral law (such as the Spanish illegal immigrants here). The middle class should not be in the buying of children business then say there is no class war and this strong class essential for a democracy. Drugged for the arrest of those the line of duty overlooked, entrapment's and enticements, or love and war, greed and cat fights- woe to those who are on the front line of repression for they will be first to fall if our situation becomes again a civil war by the culture only centered self-righteous who kick in doors and burn down churches in the name of domestic violence.

Of such history I have not forgotten. It is not the continued writing or recovery as if a therapy that has protected my core from loss- it is the great and creative vision of science and the comfort of perplexity of creative philosophies.

Yet, with a little tough love one way out of all the tiredness of putting up with half-brains is the trying to raise them up to a better world and level- no easy task from either side.

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vixra org drama just caught my eye

I posted this:

L. Edgar Otto says:
February 7, 2012 at 6:44 pm

Sometimes a rumor has its grounding in our subconscious intuitions and what forbids it cannot be true?

I am not saying it is true but thanks for the dynamics of the concepts (scalars as bosons as the only view aside)

No one will catch you out on this most noble scientific experiment and research, it is not about prestige but actually going to Mars.

Now, consider this… from my view the gene code begins to be read where something stable and solid starts… and there are the stops. But in an odd way what is start is the stop when we add to the quantum formula the few adjusted inverses.

Now, the issue is what is the mechanism of mass anyway- and the standard model has its successes on some levels.


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