Tuesday, February 14, 2012

City Lights Obscured by Stars

City Lights Obscured by Stars

L. Edgar Otto

Tired and hungry eyes
the city lights at night
Blinking beacons red
a distant light house

I hide behind the leaf cover
no one to see my fall
Into the expanding sky
where light recedes, not fills it

A little superstition helps
a little ignorance of the unknown
Attracting me your neon form
that enough of why for now

I recall the replete stars
whispers of the moon in motion
Now I'm blinded by the parking lights
false dawns, dark core, cities at horizons

The starlight in my eyes makes
invisible and quiet the rolling hills
Not even the candles crackle
my eyes, your imperfections, it helps

I am a dream caught in myself as to
where I touch or touch your dream
On the monitor, electric our coffee house
distance between us or our hugs as absolute

I know not where you've been today in
real life, but can imagine, invitations only
Or ill on a bad day, getting the laundry done
playing in stealth some steel thin wall, silk panties

I find Asphodel's memorial, his page still lives
fellow poet, some stray bullet meteor at Mardi Gras
His father left for him, and now the host is gone
only I kept the record safe, fires we got from lightning

Before we learned to make it ourselves
with just a prayer some rumor, the Viking's hammer
It helps, not just in the hereafter but here and now
more afraid ghosts will vanish than the haunt us

I am a farmer in the world of endless crops where
no one needs to eat, nor sleep, fake lives and unreal money
Were it not a mirror as to what our real life is even bundling
we are drunken strangers who set the game again, delete

If it mattered I would play such games in games, join the
petting cemetery to get closure as some do with their ex
Buy and sell plots, hold great funerals with a full jazz band
for old gay Brian all in rainbow colored uniforms

Here lies, well any name on the stone, it but a nick,
she loved me but to love him was not to know him
But who knows anyone, who needs to cast such ashes
say some kind words in the end, into the data stream?

* * * * *

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