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Particle Entropy at Origins and Stops, Dark Brane Charge, and Universal Mind

Particle Entropy at Origins and Stops,
Dark Brane Charge, and Universal Mind

L. Edgar Otto 02-13-12

Some themes in dreams seem to recur at least until what message they present or what problem they pose, if they do, is solved by the dreaming and dreamer.

Somewhere in my dreams last night I played a fine and original song, woke up briefly and imagined its rhythm and lyrics that soon faded before I went back to sleep. Today I do not recall the lyrics, after all these are but symbols of our language.

But the style changed to the the same underlying theme but I cannot express it other than it had to do with relation between two minds as if the virtual connection of a debate and interaction between two types of people. I have written of this dream before but here there is substance and consequences from its interpretation.

By Universal Mind, to some degree I mean it much like the Christian Scientists mean it, or perhaps Edgar Cayce in that it can have, in theory at least, a mental effect of healing- and this is a paradox of how the world allows interactions over non-local distances and what appears some local travel in time in a span of all directions. It is paradox like Spinoza is a paradox to say the world is God, or that the deep mechanism of the mathematics or physics is the mental itself. It is at least a metaphor to teach the young in that faith that does allow an integration of what there may be of more than our philosophy and perception as a reaching out to the idea of why and to of God.

By universal, this is a life force as a process and effect in that as science we seek a sense of unity in the world and in ourselves.

I am not promoting a catechism or a dogma here, what does an individual soul know anyway for as such we are unique in the limits, the blindness of our isolation. Yet one consequence on the physical, the body, is that what we seek out for others, even what the machine circuits build to transmit from part of their circuits, they if we personalize it stick out their thumbs hitchhiking and that is a certain lesser faith, an instinct that there is something in the aether to find but not from direct experience necessarily that these circuits seem to know this or do this. One consequence is that these phenomena, that of sentience, is part of the unity of evolving life and can be seen to some degree as sentience or consciousness to give an explanation for the underlying but hidden laws of symmetry and energy.

If such ambiguous unity is intrinsic and instinctual for life then within itself a sentience is also subject to such laws within itself as to the grand design of some circuitry and the geometry of connections and nodes and invariance over some space or time, and that these evolve intelligibly from the depths of the body and the symmetric mirrors of the mind. But if we can now explain the mind, thus far, we can come closer to explaining mental illness and intelligence.

Part of this, looking back, especially one night sleeping by the river and worried over a friend with an inoperable brain tumor that what I know so far about the genes could help if there were time or perhaps enough money. Well, it would have taken much more money than anyone, even a government has if it had the will was such a conclusion. But on that night I made the connection between the genes and string theory, that is where whatever wisdom of our sciences in our day, for the grail of healing as the search for medicine applies. Also it followed that the idea of black holes also applied. The occasion of this paper is that of course the idea of branes as a subdivision of quasicity also applies.

The relation between two personalities, each with some degree of awareness and perception of the flow of time, sting theory incomplete as well the ideas of thermodynamics involved. The product result if not the meaningful content when things are put into terms of information, of some attitude to one and zero, or inverses of zero states and division, of the possible and impossible, of the probable between them and expansion into fuzzy logic of the planes, of non-existence and existence itself, and of that salamander between being and non-being as Leibniz called it that we style as complex numbers.

A personal or social consequence in that I have had some direction on the frontiers with fellow bloggers is that in the case of Matti Pitkanen who's lifework I imagine is as hard to read like mine and understand, where he relates consciousness as dark matter phenomena, there is a similarity of these ideas possible in that the idea while to me vague or vaguely communicated or some lack on my part consequently has some weight after all on the frontier of our age of new physics.

This is true for many others in the alternatives of pursuit to which we cannot say any paper can be judged in today's context save by results and experiment. Such artists really can only testify as to their own states of mind and visions. Perhaps with wider understanding a general system can be put into place that gets the best results for such visions where a world free for enquiry is a world where that is a freedom of expression that minimizes unintended and ill consequences should we take the content as physical reality.

I also, inspired by one son's new interest in physics and engineering, and now in our needed era of new manufacturing, upon taking a course by the wife of someone working in Fermi lab. The concept of neutrinos different in traveling through the distance and for a lady with the barest of hints that a star can have an electric charge as the teacher said, that this researcher made a system that described a charge of a brane- albeit I find the use of the exponential s in formulas a little limiting for the design of things. I add as an influence also the idea of charges on black hole entities which to some degree can be measured.

In the period of my lost work of over a thousand poems and a few hundred songs, an event which sent me to the streets again in winter and put me in a very limited position to do anything but try to write again and threw away the hard work of the candle business as to process and records and making molds of which I did employ others with very little gain for myself leaving the finances to those who live in an alcoholic and schizophrenic universe, I the art and science of the product although designs seem ephemeral, two years or so. I continue to see my designs when I introduced them evolve and find them in the market and as parts of old auctions and in houses I visited where they show me the beauty of a candle, and for designs that evolved from them some of which was a direction I would not have gone and to which it was a superior design and sometimes one that was merely the result of new technologies or less cost for some things needed in the process that let someone think of the design.

In that period my other son who found a book from my vast used collection on Christian Science and took it in stealth as if to find a great secret he did not think I would think him ready to know- as with all things children imagine from the example of their parents or of the world- I myself did such a thing as a child to one of my fathers set of books on science or my grandmother's history of nations she took got for show for a bookcase from a rummage store. I find volumes of them from time to time, very rare, and very expensive, and with the limitations of history that we can better focus on the core and raw events now lost in our torrent of information that has reached almost a sentence in our text books. When I asked him for a them for my books of poetry to continue, these being on the loss of Love and of Cosmology, he suggested "What is Consciousness?". But that was part of the themes already to which I did take his advice to emphasize it.

The dream last night, and recall we also have right and left brains and I understand we dream only on one side- that I have once seen in the totality while my dreaming- I get the impression that the 2 plus 1 formalism and it or anything so mirrored or doubled and divided is critical to any unity we may find of a fundamental foundational theory. The accompanying illustration symbolically says this when it comes to the idea of 7 plus 1 things on that level of symmetry. The logic of the seven and five things (after all doubling 2 plus 1 in a model can result in the five fold symmetry, one a self mirroring- these issues of octonion algebra properties). My intent, and the process of computation is such that what is hidden, for example the Netscape or Microsoft difference of when to start things such as at zero or one as the first pixel is close to the logic where we can invert the colors or we can solve some permutations and order of what vanishes in such an illustration or even some circuit design of various colors. But the logic itself is also a question of do we describe the process or the unity of an unseen model?

One consequence of this is that either way we approach this virtual world, to dwell in the cloud of content or to be adept in the steep learning curve of the binary logic, we may lose part of the unity of our understanding things. The desire to connect socially, even virtually, is a part of the evolving and design in nature, in ourselves from the depths of the small to the emergence of the apex of our expanding science and awareness.

I do not know, as we seem to think or do approach a common understanding awakened by our vast numbers of us that has to be unconcerned in survival with some limited view of the world or resources - or we but bricks in a wall that do not need no education as arbitrary or even an agenda of brain washing (so goes he Division Bell, and I met those kids when they are around 15 years old), then again it too a paradox for the mind is set long before our body finds autonomy and takes the reigns of its day and world. Even the greatest minds among us think we come to stages of complete knowing of what there is for science, that we tend to focus an narrow the essential issues to which some of us drop the terms and names, or some of have deep concerns and true awareness of new states possible on the frontiers.

Then again, we may lose something in the translation if we know the secret of the logical design of the game or if we are just poets or just get by with a faith only disturbed to some safe degree of smooth equilibrium and acceptance that there is more, ideas that have always and naturally entertained us than the boredom found in knowing such secrets that no longer can have meaning save for weapons, competition in the marketplace of ideas for others. We cannot beat the machine in this respect nor can it do what we have not taught it from our force of life and natural emergence of design.

Perhaps, in the childhood of mankind some instinctively do not want to know or think they have the right or need to know such secrets. I have been somewhat overprotective of my offspring and it did make a difference at times avoiding some disaster to which we can only be resolved as to fate should it have happened, we should keep some safety concerns in our preparations even in the workplace - I know also that the Eskimo children use very sharp knives from an early age.

I find it an amazing thought that in this so called enlightened age the models we have for the physics can imply that the universe itself has such a mind, or perhaps some secret if we ever are learn to reckon and read the cosmic codes.

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Today a comment to Matti Pitkanen:

I mentioned you on my blog:

"A personal or social consequence in that I have had some direction on the frontiers with fellow bloggers is that in the case of Matti Pitkanen who's lifework I imagine is as hard to read like mine and understand, where he relates consciousness as dark matter phenomena, there is a similarity of these ideas possible in that the idea while to me vague or vaguely communicated or some lack on my part consequently has some weight after all on the frontier of our age of new physics."

Now, your current topic here does show some general sense of advanced ideas in the depths of things but it was quite a wormhole for me to make the connection as something rather more concrete. Such effects, such a way to see numbers- and well, for me something a little further than a quantum foundation as such.

What do you think? I hope this informal post Universal Mind, can help... I hope we come to understand consciousness a little more than we are now aware of but cannot express in words or formuli.

But while on the science blogs any mention of effects like this for your topic was immediately dismissed as not scientific. We know better :-)

The Pe Sla


And with the greatest respect for that all important entity GOOGLE with thanks for being kind in my lack of understanding in the blog processes but I am learning.

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