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Cosmic Biological Codes

Cosmic Biological Codes L. Edgar Otto 02-19-12

Without the appeal to a view of the levels of existence in the quantum world as a level of ESP phenomena, that which persists in our interpretations as a mental and more subjective view of the theory, it seems clear to me that regardless of form or energy that the level of color does convey information to and between us as this is distinguished in the synaethesia of perception had developed in our evolution.

Usually, this has been a metaphor to consciousness in its use as examples in philosophy- How do we know we see the same "red" ?, for example. But from the intuition of some higher view, sometimes inspired by the questions as to the nature of color as it has become a more technical subject in the physics and in biology insofar as the perceptions of other species such as the birds with four and not the human flat triangle of three primaries that is organized by the eye. This transition between the level of light and of color, as between emptiness and light, so also between color and imagined or real paranormal phenomena, is where the issue is for transformations under the umbrella of a unified physics and the development of careful but new technologies.

But such philosophic levels do not necessarily descend or ascend in a hierarchy for greater emergence or reduced phenomena. In a more relaxation method and non-necessary cosmos such higher effects although not perceptible can nevertheless have real or concrete effects on the lower level physics, just as nature herself can see the effects of higher dimensions and symmetries.

That said, the sense of such hierarchies goes at least two ways much like the mathematical distinction of the triad of quarks in a proton or the dynamics of space in some recent ekpyrotic cyclic universe models dealing with the intersection of branes at big bang beginnings and endings- one that moreover sees the inexhaustible source of existing from the gravity and the small excesses between kinetic and potential energy as enough keep the cycle going between the successive universes.

From this view the connection between aromatic bases in the genes not only have a quasic physics where they go beyond some isolated bits or triplets of codons, a situation itself that can loop in the quasic sense of an extension into a generational direction, more or less a relativistic direction, to imprint or read on the lesser scale, between light and the vacuum, the analog space within the arrangement of the atoms in the base itself subject to cosmic law and certainly at least the QCD but wider asymptotic yet dark span between such spaces. Mathematically, I call this Kea's theorem that such abstractions when we see the triality as a difference of inverses and a physicality of matrices implied and involved in this conceptual alternative super-symmetric hierarchy that there is a dark matter concept to be found on this level.

In any case the same physical laws of the infinite expanse of the cosmos apply to the reading and expression in and around the structures of the DNA like molecules. Certainly quantum physics also has its place here in the hierarchy of the continuum. But the same laws physical and mathematical also apply between the atoms of a base ring at the infinitesimal analog to the general cosmic laws and models of the universe.

It may help here, in answering Ulla's speculation, to actually develop the math along the lines of how we see primes, the symbol # discussed as with so many things the Wiki site mentions but asks for more expert advice from the deeper intuitions of the TGD phenomenology.

But the question of such higher, even theological issues is also the issue of hierarchies in the vague diffuse concepts of all such spaces. The usual one as to how coherent laws between such hierarchy's are especially in our modern form of standard physics as to the fermion and boson distinction, wave duality, and
holographic-fractal (holofractal) principles. But is this not the question to answer in the general physics by which we discuss things lately? Einstein said, (and I imagine he used complicated metaphors in metaphors or even his habit of masterful punning- humor provides a lot of disruption or needed chaos for thought sometimes and is a good sign of creativity and wholeness really given some freedom and shelter from overly demanding circumstances) that our theories "color" our perceptions.

In some ways our culture and inheritance may affect how we approach and discuss or perception of things like the physics, "for politics is ephemeral and equations are forever" and "nationalism is a disease in the childhood of man like measles".

Perhaps the Semitic mind, or at least he language, that has been greatly influenced by a philosophic approach to our ideas of God, less mystical but more like Aristotle when it comes to the sciences. I notice this in the translations from the Arabic into English poetry, a sense of its form and things lost such as beauty in the translation include some respect for the sensitivity, color and rhythm to those of the audience who are really part of the process of our writing.

We say the Islamic world is still in the middle ages but if we read from the scientists and philosophers of their day, say around 1400, it is clear that we have not gone much further in our understanding of some grasp and discernment of truth and its distractions. One does not have to be a fundamentalist to have a hegemony over the nature of scientific and philosophic truths. This process continues into our time as usual and as the pendulum swings even within say the Catholic church over time, surely at the foundations it echoed in all the worlds awakening civilizations, and is this question of foundational balances and conflicts at the core of our philosophy and maybe one day resolved by the more reasonable unification of the physics.

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