Thursday, February 23, 2012

Carbon Footsteps (4D Printing Elan Vital)

Carbon Footsteps (4D Printing Elan Vital) L. Edgar Otto 02-23-12

The quasic view explains a lot as to why we can imagine certain directions in the development of science. But on the next level of the aggregation of things, the next super-generation of the properties of the vacuum we call physics- those which do not claim to replicate in the laboratory the properties intrinsic to mind or for that matter the life force itself. But the reverse sense of time as the memory and learning is this process where, just as with matter, vague concepts crystallize into and intelligible reality. This is the "perpendicular' extension to the vague and general idea to the what and why of existence.

In that it is science, and can be shown directly with more certain data and the ability to control it- otherwise such vague ideas are not taken seriously as real possibilities- it is clear that we need to reach a certain level of expertise and technical complexity, a deeper generation of space, to set into the printing, a condensation, that accesses these higher processes founded first on the material given just as if a mind emerging from the body or life as structured to evolving possibilities.

On this new level of complexity, if we are to tap our imagination beyond striking speculations on which there seems only metaphors of existing science that nevertheless boggles our mind, we are apt to feel overwhelmed with the new and not imagined possibilities in our speculation to which our science fiction of the future in retrospect will appear very much an underestimation.

Carbon life after all seems to hold a special place- even if the heart of biochemistry is really to gain the understanding of DNA, the organic. Just as Euclid's work in earlier times amounts to a hymn to the dodecahedron. After all, that fifth element represented the universe. In that our universe is finite that is the model still in the running and itself can be a mathematics as finite properties usually imagined as symmetry breaking and compactification in recent models.

The quasic world is quasi-finite although as in the first impressions of relativity some philosophers quite imagined that eventually even time itself will be a discrete phenomenon.

Thanks to Ulla for her almost surgical questions to the theoreticians and her insight into the central role of carbon. Knowledge of the world is the beginning of applying the unknowns and things we cannot put into words and formulas that can heal, maybe even at a distance.

Some ideas in today's science fiction; metal that can be strong yet can bond on touch of parts, layers that negotiate the gravitational idea in ways that look fantastic to normal physics; and though I feel taken in by the thrill of the entertaining concepts I have to acknowledge that some of the most far out ideas are a possibility which perhaps the charlatans are not aware of as real themselves. It turn out we may have a path to the vacuum energy after all and it does not take cosmic level tools to enact it.

Of course when the time-like dimensions and the ambiguity as to what is time has to be considered along with the meaning of in what way does it appear tachyonic, on what level.
This perpendicularity, meant from a God's-eye view holographic in all span directions, is a sort of quasic analog to what we mean by time-like dimensions as in the description of the Monster group.

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  1. Surgical questions??? Sounds bad :) I hope I don't annoy anybody. It is not my meaning.

  2. :-), Ulla make that precise and penetrating questions- a little laser surgery is better than the old knife, and if alternatives can work it is better than the cut, and poison and burn of today's still backward medicine.

  3. Ye, I am a bit unsure of the interpretation....