Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lampion C : New Mathematical Recreations

Lampion C : New Mathematical Recreations

L. Edgar Otto 02-26-12

This monkey business is a little more than monkeyshine. In the soil of science the crops seem to be a little short of carbon, and when it is stored from the atmosphere into the coral of the sea- well, we are losing a lot of coral. Science cannot answer with certainty what are the consequences of global warming short of some scheme or defense of theory for if we had the proof we would see a lot of theory and their promoters vanish into the dead ends of history.

Numbers and symmetry as a general system have reached an interesting level again where I can enjoy the recreation of it for I have stumbled on a deeper level of the symmetries pushing the uncertainty deeper and entering what feels like a fresh and fertile frontier.

The doomsayers, or their detractors as a practical matter should admit there are problems to be solved, and not just with a morality of economic tax and sanctions nor rationing to promote an effort to change the world even for those who do not wish the progress. The doomsayers have a long tradition to make there concepts formal and back them up at least to the extent the mysteries of it can inspire the average man, that they have the unified theory of which for those with a little more education the end of learning it one finds just monkeyshine every which way a little loose in reasoning.

Recent reports on scant DNA data suggest that the Neanderthal man became extinct long before encountering modern man in Europe- and although the earth in its fine balance seems favorable to the new species where the great news of the day is minor variations in the climate or some local rumbling of the earth for those at the center amounts to a crumbling of everything, we as thinking creatures should consider that such a concept and threat of change is a possibility science should prepare for.

In this realm of super-duper symmetry and super dark matter, one great unanswered question in physic of which I read in that list today is what grounds quark confinement. This has been one of my concerns intuitively as the ad hoc theory to me seemed insubstantial other than it makes the equations work and evidently is the physical case.

But once into this deeper view of the foundations of physics I find numbers and space a living thing again, like the need for a philosophy that is a living philosophy and seems as if aware of its place and limitation in the flow of time, of history. But my words almost fail me here. I mean that all these abstract things going on inside the nucleus, all these physical things very abstract, I now can see as if these physical principles are alive and not ghostly reduced abstractions- that, as I said is from the view of still further depths of the creative- and in a sense, if anyone can follow what I now say as a record, not from a view in the nothingness do I ground the reality and the physicality of what we call physics that can be a living science in partnership with our place in the world and with each other.

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