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Lampion F : Economic and Political Enquiring

Lampion F : Economic and Political Enquiring

L. Edgar Otto 02-27-12

Here I present a fanciful world model as if we can apply some of the chaos theory and string model physics to a more unified world economics and diplomacy. But as with all such models, good only to the circumstances of the day. These are more experiments and theory than expected results such as the case with our great social experiments for specialized groups of people in some community or implemented with impractical results as Plato's models in the Greek colonies. But in a non-necessary world there are always true believers.

So, as with the first wave of truly democratic institutions not the sole property of the new constellation of American states
there is the struggle for the soul and the founding of nations or failed revolutions in the time that persist and diverge in the way the cultures develop in accedental evolution.

At the beginning of model and nation building in a non-necessary world and at the ending of an experiment with its reevaluation we in effect ideally prefer the Liebnizean enquiring system of accepting all inputs. The Lockean one is of balances and corresponds more to the real world.

To that end we acknowledge the superpowers of the day more realistically than of the old empires and roughly part of the inheritance and cultures of centers of civilization. But with the geometry of chaos we can accommodate more than the five for stability by the concept of structures of the eight.
This allows for the inclusion of the Islamic world and African states into the power structure as seems to shortly find its place in the world community.

My purpose with this post is to show that other economic models are possible and natural extensions of our experiences so far.

From general structural principles I suggest that when we divide a nation into 34 or so parts, despite the result of dramatic conflicts between brother and brother, a state will face a division that may be a civil war with the aim of renewed independence or return to a dream of the best of times from the old hegemony or union. This too is the price of replication of a society as if a dynamic living organism.

Let us keep in mind also the needed resolution between the natural conflicts of individuals and the collective if it is to be a solvable problem intelligibly. That things in the numbers and words, in this proposed or acknowledged post-alphanumeric age correspond to the modern and new physics we do observe in the human mind at least a certain number of things that can enter and leave and be that we are generally aware of in the process of an engaged memory, usually nine objects of which the physics is based on the general structure of how we divide words into alphabets and how in the process the changing and fixed numbers remain intelligible both to the depth of an individual and the span into the collective.

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Today I find this interesting post from a blogger I follow linking to this:

A founding of a new philosophy of cosmology.

My point today being that such a needed study will have more consequences than we imagine for the world than of which we presently imagine in creative science and philosophy to which some of our old beliefs will seem a little out of date- at least that is the ideal when some new institution starts out.

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