Saturday, February 25, 2012

Your are My Spring

Your are My Spring
L. Edgar Otto 02-24-12

I am the weather
but you are my spring
I approach you cautiously
black widow spider

Scarlet hourglass, metallic blues
your soul so creative close to
the stem, wise in the germ
So long to make your heart grow wider

You still into winter
asleep egg-case, my splinter
Full of rhymes & reckonings
how much to get through to me

That I come back you see
everything depends for my mood
You respond, want you excite me
broken dirty time vanishes with the cobwebs

Without words between us only
dance so soon this year the vanished snow
So long ago for me a plush & salty sea
not missed more than what you've never known

Romance that drives you with puppet strings
as you do in my dreams, each others puppeteers
We are stronger in this world of cold
an old story, a glace between us of puppy tears...

There's nothing between us, not even glass
chance meeting in the flesh still taking years
What would be the point but I have already paid
should passion fuse us, make a bond of hearts

Or tear us apart I the caged cricket by your bed
where in the end we sleep alone & my hours pass
Too soon taking your temperature sundown its fall
rubbing my legs together, your lullaby my song

Language your blood knows well, in your core
Lost between everlasting & eternal, your wheneverness...

* * * * *

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